Crochet Teacup Pattern

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Crochet teacup pattern by

Photos are here.

making a tea cup planter at

Join a chain of 4 into a circle. Chain 3 for the first double crochet (dc). Do 15 dc into the ring to make a total of 16 dc.  Join.

To start the sides of the cup crochet into the inside or front loop around the edge of the base.  On the 16th dc join with a slip stitch to the first dc.

Chain 3 and do 15 dc around the side, join.  Repeat row.  You will have done 3 rows of dc which form the cup.  Join and don’t fasten off.

After joining the last one with a slip stitch, chain 11.  In second stitch from hook chain 10 back to the rim of the cup.  This makes the handle.  I used a needle and piece of yarn to join the bottom of the handle.

The saucer is next,  Join yarn with a slip stitch into the outside or back loop of the bottom of the cup.  Chain 3 and then do 1 dc in the same stitch as the chain.  Continue around the edge of the cup, doing 2 dc in each stitch.  Join at end and fasten off.  This is the part if fiddled with a bit.  First I did just 1 dc a stitch and then 2 in the next, but the saucer part wasn’t quite big enough and didn’t lay flat.

I’m much better at doing the crochet than actually writing down the pattern.  If you try it and find and error or something I overlooked, just let me know and I’ll see if I can correct it.  Or if you have a solution, I’d appreciate you letting me know.

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