Cute Little Sweaters

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It’s no secret that I love to knit and crochet all sorts of things.  Lately they have all been little baby things … a blanket  … some booties and a hat.  A while ago I made an adorable little pink and white sweater.  This is not the first time I’ve knitted this sweater.

sweater pink3a

The pattern is a very old one, from way back when I had my first daughter. I think it is listed as a vintage pattern. I knitted these for our daughters, then I knitted one for our first granddaughter, Sophia, and this pink and white one is for our newest granddaughter, Nya.

sweater pink4a

I love the scalloped lacy pattern.  The pattern is by Sirdar and was purchased in Britain when we lived there. The price on the the booklet is 9p (9 pence). I used Bernat Baby yarn.  I still have the original pattern booklet but have photocopied it for my use and the booklet is starting to fall apart after all these years.

And now a change of colour … to one of my favourites … green.


The next was a crochet sweater which I absolutely loved making as it was done all in one piece. No making 2 sleeves, a back and 2 fronts and best of all, no stitching it all together.  Well, except for the side seam and sleeve.  The pattern can be found here, and was shared with me by Linda of  woke up, got out of bed.  Pop over for a visit if you haven’t been there before.

green crochet1a

This sweater worked up quickly using a 6.5 mm hook and Bernat Chunky baby yarn.  The pattern called for a different colour to be added around the neck and front but I chose not to add that.  Then it was off to sort through the button jar and find 2 matching buttons.

It seems all my knit and crochet projects are completed so it is time to find some new things to make.  I did see a really cute idea for a pin cushion and sewing kit made in a little mason jar.  I just might have to make one of those.  I did some sewing jobs on the weekend that have just been sitting around on top of the sewing machine for a few months.  Now the sewing corner looks tidy.

Have you done any crafting lately?

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