D for Daisies

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Oxeye daisies grow wild in fields and gardens and lawns. They bloom in June and  self seeds rapidly so it is recommended to cut blooms off just as soon as the petals start to wilt. This will encourage a second growth of flowers and it stops the seeds from spreading everywhere.

oxeye daisies at craftygardener.ca

I do let clumps of these grow in my garden as daisies are my favourite flower. My garden is more of an English country garden … where the seed falls, it grows. It is wonderful to see plants mixed in together.

oxeye daisies at craftygardener.ca

Shasta daisies, Leucanthemum x superbumare perennials and best grown in full sun, preferably in well drained soil. The flowers are good for cutting. These plants grow taller than the oxeye daisy and can be divided in early spring. Blooms appear in June and July. Daisies attracts bees and butterflies and are drought tolerant.

diasy seedhead at craftygardener.ca   daisy seed head at craftygardener.ca   daisy seeds at craftygardener.ca

Cut flower heads off as they finish to encourage continual bloom. Be sure to look down the flower stem to see where the next bud is forming and snip just above that.  If you cut too low you will be cutting off the second bloom.  At the end of the season let the flower heads dry on the plant before picking to harvest seeds.
For seed savers and seed swappers, here is a printable seed packet to swap your seeds in.
Seeds can be sown directly into the garden in early spring. They can also be sown in late fall and let Nature look after them during the winter … winter sowing at its best. They will grow in the spring.
shasta daisies at craftygardener.ca
Shasta daisies are my favourite, and remind me so much of my Dad’s garden in England.   This Alaska Shasta daisy is a new clump  that I planted this spring.  I’m hoping it grows well, overwinters well and gives me some lovely blooms next year.
daisies at craftygardener.ca

I’m sharing my love of daisies with  Alphabe-Thursday where the letter this week is D.

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