Do You Name Your Gardens?

Do you name your gardens?  I do, nothing fancy but usually related to something in the garden or the location of the garden.
This just helps to keep the areas straight in my mind or if I’m talking about them to someone else.  Here is a quick peek into the garden areas.

These photos were all taken at 6 pm.  The fence garden is doing well after some changes.  Some wooden edging was added after it was resized a bit.  Last year I followed this garden on a monthly basis to track the progress.

fence garden, July 2014

The shady front garden, seen in sun here, is full of hostas that have numerous flower spikes. The big clump of lavender has been wonderful this year.

part of the front garden July 2014

The front diamond garden has shasta daisies (my favourite), purple coneflower, coral bells, stella d’oro daylieils, coreopsis, and the spectacular yucca.

part of the front garden July 2014

The obelisk front garden has feverfew, rudbekia and hosta in bloom.

part of the front garden July 2014

The honeysuckle garden is basking in the sun.  This is the garden area I’m following the progress on this year.

honeysuckle garden July 2014

A new garden this year is the sign post garden.  This is a mainly shady area so has been filled with hostas cuttings from the front shady garden.  They all took well and are beginning to send up the flower spikes.

signpost garden July 2014

The trellis garden ( wonder where I got that name from?) is full of plants that love to climb … clematis, honeysuckle vine, scarlet runner beans, morning glory, and purple hyacinth bean vine.  There are also clumps of Egyptian walking onions, mint, coreopsis, bee balm, stella d’oro and obedient plant.

trellis garden July 2014

The windmill garden also has lots of blooms … coreopsis, daylilies, heliopsis, rudbekis, drumstick alliums, and lots of sedums in the old fountain.

windmill garden July 2014

What are some names you give to your gardens?

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