Don’t Bug Me I’m Reading Bookmark Pattern

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This little bookmark is a great little thing to make and it won’t slip out when you pack your book in your bag or carry it from room to room. I just happened to have some ladybug material in my stash so called it a bug bookmark, but of course you can use any material that you have.

This is my own pattern so please do not sell it or post it on other sites as yours. Just leave a link so others may come and visit.  You may sell any that you make at craft shows.


-strip of material, 30-32 cm. long (12 to 14 inches) and 9-10 cm. wide (about 4 inches), will fit a paperback sized book
-strip of material about 45 cm. long will fit a regular sized library book
– a button that co-ordinates with your material
-a mid size hair elastic


stitch a bookmark at

1. Fold the material in half lengthwise, right sides together, and sew a seam around the edges. Leave one end open so you can turn the material right sides out.
2. Once the material is facing right way out, top stitch around all the edges, folding in the edge you left open.
3. Fold one end of the strip over the hair elastic and sew in place.
4. Sew a bug button on the other end. The colouring of this button did not come out right as the flash of the camera changed it.

This is a little craft that makes a great gift to slip into an envelope and include with a greeting card.  It is a great  stocking stuffer.

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