Dreaming on a Promise

March came in like a wet lion, with a fair bit of rain and wind and then the temperatures dropped about 20 odd degrees in one day, from +13 Celsius to -7 Celsius overnight.  Now they are slowly climbing back up again for a few more days.

The snow has all gone except for the odd spot in the really shady areas of the fields.   On the days when the wind wasn’t so bad it was lovely to get out and walk around the garden and look for the promise of green growth.

new growth March 6, 2017 at craftygardener.ca

I found the rhubarb,  the ditch lilies, the Egyptian walking onions, the crocus and trilliums, all poking through the hard ground.  How lovely to see those little green shoots giving a promise of what is to come.

We attended the Quinte West Seedy Saturday on the first March weekend.   I took many packets of seeds and roots to trade (canna, Peruvian daffodils, Egyptian walking onions, veggies and plant seeds) and picked up some more peas and beans to grow this year.  I was very good at both the Seedy Saturdays we went to and only took the things I knew I would plant.  My early garden planning of what I wasn’t going to grow helped me to stick to my list.

2017 Quinte West Seedy Saturday

The swap table had lots of shoe boxes with different varieties of seeds.  Everyone was welcome to take a few and leave a few in this great way to share seeds.  I would of liked to see each box labelled to make looking easier, but it made you look a little more to find what you wanted.   There was also lots of good interaction between the swappers telling others about what they had brought to swap or asking questions about different varieties.  One thing we all had in common was our desire for gardening season to start.

2017 Quinte West Seedy Saturday

There were displays from local seed and plant sellers and farms displaying their products.   There were lots of knowledgable people to chat to which made it an enjoyable morning out.  Of course I came home with ideas and thoughts of wanting to get right into the garden.  But of course it is still way to early to do that yet.

Instead I’ve been sorting through all the seeds I got (swap or purchase) and finding out lots of info about the different ones I’ve acquired.

varieties of beans at craftygardener.ca

I’ve got lots of different beans and I’m looking forward to growing and documenting them.  I’ve just done a couple so far of varieties I’ve grown in the past but I will be adding more as gardening season progresses.

varieties of peas at craftygardener.ca

These are the varieties of peas I’ll be planting this year.  They all tend to look almost the same but they aren’t.  I’ll be documenting the types, seeds, growth and harvests from these as the season goes on as well.

Now to plan which tubs to put them all in.  I’ve made a start P=peas  B=Beans T=tomatoes r=radishes

planning the garden at craftygardener.ca

Are you dreaming and making your garden plans yet?

What promising signs of better days are you seeing?

the gardener side at craftygardener.ca

The Gardener Side of me keeps my online garden journal to help me keep track of when the plants sprout, bud and bloom

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Sprouting: crocus, Egyptian walking onions, trillium, ditch lilies, rhubarb,

the gardener side at craftygardener.ca

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