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We have really been enjoying the garden during this stay at home time. The weather hasn’t always co-operated so when can’t get outside we can still appreciate the outside through the windows.

the robin at craftygardener.ca

The robins continue to be very active and every once in a while they will pose for a good photo.

song sparrow at craftygardener.ca

The adorable little song sparrow is flitting around the feeders and perching for some nice photos, all the time singing its lovely song.

a pair of cardinals at craftygardener.ca

This pair of cardinals have been sticking close together and enjoying the safflower seeds.

growing rhubarb at craftygardener.ca

The rhubarb gets bigger and bigger with the promise of some delicious recipes soon.

clematis at craftygardener.ca

There are three clematis plants in the garden with one is showing a lot of growth. The others are growing but it is hard to see in the photo.

goldfinches at craftygardener.ca

The goldfinches are getting brighter and brighter. I love the pair of them together in the tree.

a pair of kingfishers at craftygardener.ca

The kingfishers are still in the trees across the road. The male is making his recognizable call.

a rainy last day of April at craftygardener.ca

We are getting lots of rain today, in fact we have a heavy rainfall warning for today and tomorrow. The garden is getting greener, and the rain is sure making the grass grow.

garden line

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  1. linda keaveney

    Hi Linda…
    We only got a few showers today…and now the Sun is out! Crazy weather…
    Nice captures of your garden visitors…I stopped the bird seed for awhile, as we have a
    raccoon who visits during the day…and pulls everything down…😤
    Looking forward to a sunny warm weekend…
    Take care…

  2. Michelle Nature Notes

    It has been wet here too seeing many wet birds at the feeders..I saw the first belted kingfisher of the year..Heard it first of course while he was fishing the pond…Michelle

  3. Eileen


    Wonderful captures of your yard birds. I love the Cardinals and Goldfinches. The Robin and Song Sparrows are sweet birds. Great photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing the post. Take care! Enjoy your day, wishing you a great weekend! PS, thank for leaving me a comment on my blog.

    • Crafty Gardener

      Hi Eileen, it is a lovely Saturday, got all the feeders filled (once again) and still waiting for some returning birds … hummers, orioles, grosbeaks. Hopefully soon.

  4. Jean

    Looks like you have a nice variety of birds around you. Pretty goldfinch! They don’t seem to like our yard, rarely see one in passing but they never stop. Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

    • Crafty Gardener

      Do you put out seed for them? We put out black oil sunflower and nyger seed and they love both. Thanks for visiting today.

  5. betty - NZ

    How wonderful to have such lovely feathered visitors to your place! You have quite a variety of colorful creatures to see :)

  6. Anni

    Extraordinary birds this week. I really enjoyed your narration with the photos. (I can imagine the song of the sparrow…sweet!)

    Thanks so much for joining us at I’d Rather B Birdin this week!

  7. Margy

    We had a song sparrow that stayed with us through the winter a year ago. Wonder if she returned this year. It would be so nice to have property with a yard right now, but at least we can go out walking in the neighbourhood here in Washington State. Thanks for introducing me to Mike Martin’s books. This one got me through a week of evening reading just before bed. – Margy

  8. Margie

    The rhubarb looks great! I’ve had strawbery rhubarb pie, but I don’t think I’ve had just rhubarb by itself…so I don’t even know what it tastes like!

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