Everything is ‘Tree’mendous

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It’s that time of year when the house is looking ‘tree’mendous.
I love trees, lots of them, perhaps because it gives the illusion of outside throughout the house.

Enjoying the pleasures that the backyard birds bring to our days, I created my own inside bird tree last year and have the tree up again this year.  We don’t have a huge entry hall, in fact it feels so much smaller when more than 2 people arrive at the same time.  There is a small space in the corner that I like to make use of.  We have an old artificial tree that was replaced with one of the prelit ones a few years ago, but I’ve never had the heart to get rid of the original tree.  It still has the sticker price of $19.99 on it with the Eaton’s name.  Eaton’s has long vanished from the shopping scene and that price will never be seen again for a 6 foot tree.

So the first tree is the bird tree.

the bird tree at craftygardener.ca

I took the centre pole and just the top branches of the tree.  This is the kind of tree that you slot the branches into openings on the pole.  I wedge the tree right into the corner and only put the branches on the front section.  I put all the little felt birds on here along with bird feeders I’ve made, and little birdhouses.

Remember those bleached pine cones I shared awhile ago?  I made them into the second tree I’m sharing this week.  I dismantled the Fall display of cones, acorns, and special stones and used them in a small lighted tabletop tree.  I started with a wire tree frame that I purchased years ago to stick Christmas cards into.  It comes apart and is flat for easier storage, but when fitted together it makes a tree shape.  I added a candle tray to the bottom and a piece of chicken wire that was squished inside to stop the pine cones from falling out.  I held it upside down and put the bleached and regular pinecones inside it.

a little tree filled with pinecones at craftygardener.ca

Around the outside I wrapped a strand of tiny lights that work off a battery pack.  This pack has two settings.  You can either just turn it on and off as you wish, or you can use the other setting and it is a timer that will turn the lights of six hours later.   That’s a great feature for those that forget to turn off lights.  I love timers!

a little tree filled with pinecones at craftygardener.ca

The third tree is the wooden outside tree with the lights on.  I had to take several photos at different times of the evening to get one that looked good enough to share.  This tree is set up so that it can be viewed from the kitchen window.  It’s lovely to see it while preparing dinner and doing the clean up.

the wooden tree at craftygardener.ca

The fourth tree is main Christmas tree.  I love that it is pre-lit but always hold my breath each year when it is plugged in hoping that all the trees light up.  The special photos of all the grandkids go on this tree and it brings back so many memories looking at each photo as it is put onto the tree.  Special ornaments from over the years also go on this tree.  The tree skirt was crocheted from various Christmas yarns.

the Christmas tree at craftygardener.ca

The fifth area is the fireplace with its own collection of trees.  On the mantle are the wooden trees and  some of the snowfolk collection. This area isn’t finished yet.  I sometimes add crocheted snowflakes and sometimes greenery in behind the trees.   The hearth has a new collection of trees this year.  A couple of them were made by my husband and I painted them.  I have little lights wrapped around a few of the trees.  These don’t light up and were purchased years ago when BiWay was in business.  Do you remember that store?

wishing you a 'tree'mendous holiday from craftygardener.ca

I also bought more ingredients for some baking on the weekend.  Gifts were wrapped, cards were mailed, other gifts were made and there are still a couple that need finishing off.  Overall it has been a great week.  I hope your week was just as ‘tree’mendous.

Christmas line
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