F for Feverfew

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Feverfew, Tanacetum parthenium, is a perennial medicinal herb …. a little plant with leaves that have an amazing scent.  This is a volunteer plant in my garden, perhaps the previous owners of the house planted it here but it just pops up every year and in a multitude of places.


If you rub the leaves of this plant and then sniff your fingers it is supposed to relieve headache pains.  There are many other uses from reducing fever to easing toothache.  It is used as extracts, capsules, and in tea form.  I haven’t tried any of these remedies but I’m always interested in reading about plants and how they have aided people.


A macro shot of the blooms just as they are about to open.  This plant grows to be about 45 cm. tall

Here the petals are fully open.  Each bloom is only about 2.5 cm across.  The plant will attract bees and butterflies.

This plant will self seed rapidly and it is amazing to see so many new plants growing in the next year.  I love this little addition to my garden.

If the blooms are left on the plant to dry out they begin to look like this.  If you don’t want this plant to self seed carefully snip off all these seedheads.

The seeds are tiny.  I always used a penny to compare the size of the seeds but pennies are now obsolete in Canada so I’ve gone to using a dime.  You can save the seed to plant the following spring or just sprinkle some around the plant and let Nature do its thing.  You should see new plants the following year.

 I’m sharing the feverfew with ABC Wednesday where the letter this week is F.

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