F for Fungi

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Fungi are part of a large group of organisms including micro-organisms including yeast, molds, and mushrooms.    Fungi are not in the plant or animal kingdom any more and have been placed in their own kingdom.

It is always fascinating to come across fungi.  Fungus is the Latin term for mushroom.


Fungi feed on nutrients from the living or dead organic material on which they live.  Fungi are the new life commonly found on dead trees.  They play an important part in the decomposition of dead things.


These are bracket fungus and the shelf like pieces are called conks.   Fungi reproduce by emitting spores that will grow into new fungus.

fungus tree1a

This clump of fungi was seen growing on a live tree.  Does it mean the tree is doomed?  or that part of the tree is dying off?  A strong tree can fight off the attack of fungi but a weakened tree won’t be able to.


These are several types of mushrooms that I photographed on one of our trips to British Columbia.


I love to eat mushrooms in salads and lightly pan fried but always get them from the grocery store.  I just don’t know enough about mushrooms to be picking and eating them from the wild.

Nature never fails to amaze me with the wonderful and amazing things it creates.

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ABC Wednesday letter of the week is F.  F for fungi.

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