Feeding the Birds

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It is that time of year to think about putting out some tasty treats for the birds.

all season suet at craftygardener.ca
sparrow at the all season suet feeder

One of the most popular posts I have is for all season suet. Through trial and error I have found the birds prefer this suet mix to the store bought kind. I make up a couple of batches at a time and keep it handy in the freezer.

the bluejay at the coil feeder at craftygardener.ca
coil feeder

We recently purchased a long coil feeder. This is suitable for holding a cob of corn or some suet balls. The starling loves it as he can perch on the top and peck at the suet. I don’t really encourage starlings to the garden and always try to scare them off when they arrive in flocks. But I love the markings of them and do like to photograph them.

the long coil feeder at craftygardener.ca
long coil feeder

To form the logs for the coil feeders I use cardboard tubes fills with the all season suet. When frozen the cardboard peels away (and gets recycled in the Green bin) and the logs of suet easily pop into the coil feeders.

all season suet at craftygardener.ca

The coconut feeder gets packed with all season suet and the birds just love it. Even Little Red gets into the feeder and has a feast.

Little Red in the coconut feeder at craftygardener.ca
coconut feeder with little Red

I use a slightly different recipe to make muffins for the birds.

suet muffins for the birds at craftygardener.ca
muffins for the birds

These can be placed in mesh bags on in the wire box feeders.

chickadee at the bird muffins at craftygardener.ca
chickadee enjoying the all season suet

I also make bird cakes, just a variation on the all season suet. I add whole peanuts and types of bird seed to this recipe. It has even attracted the pileated woodpecker.

a pileated woodpecker at craftygardener.ca
pileated woodpecker on bird cake

The kids and grandkids will have fun making these pinecone feeders with a peanut butter mixture. Messy but fun!

a pinecone feeder at craftygardener.ca
pinecone feeders

The bird lover on your list will love getting a gift to share with the birds.

a gift for the bird watcher at craftygardener.ca

Other really popular feeders are the birch log feeder and the post feeder. These were made from a piece of birch log and an old 4×4. Both had holes drilled in them and I plug the holes with the all season suet.

a birch log suet feeder at crafty.gardener.ca
nuthatch on birch log feeder

The birch log feeder needs replacing this year as it was so popular the woodpeckers pecked right through some of the wood and the feeder broke.

chickadee on log feeder

If you feed them, they will come!

We get a large variety of birds over the winter – juncos, nuthatches, sparrows, goldfinches, woodpeckers (hairy, downy, red bellied, pileated), house and purple finches, chickadees, doves and more.

Check out my bird feeders and bird food ideas:

Nature never fails to amaze me.

spruce line at craftygardener.ca
lens friends at craftygardener.ca

I’m sharing with Wild Bird Wednesday,  I’d Rather B Birdin’ and Saturday’s Critters.

10 Responses

  1. Myrtle

    I always love seeing your winter feeders and all the work you go to to make the different kind of bird food for all your hanging feeders and the the birch log and post feeders,love all your ideas to feed our feathered friends.

  2. We love watching the winter birds

    Hello, winter is a great time to watch the yard birds at the feeders. Your birds must love your homemade suet and bird food , what a treat.
    Thanks for sharing and linking up your post. Enjoy your day, wishing you a happy new week! PS, I appreciate your visit and comment.

  3. Anni

    I don’t know why I can’t leave a comment via my smart phone, but I tried several times yesterday. This morning, I thought I’d try thru the computer.

    Your photos, and suet feeders plus recipes are…can i say it? A real treat!!!!

    • Crafty Gardener

      For some reason the checkbox for security reasons isn’t showing on the mobile phone version. It doesn’t show for me either as the admin on any version. WordPress was just updated, so now I’m checking plugins. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll check it out further.

  4. Country Gal

    Lovely photos . I buy a box of mixed fruit and seed suet cakes from my birding store where I get my bird seed the box has 15 of them per box and its a reasonable price to , I have made suet in the past but they eat so much of it here it was getting to much to keep up with . I have read from many birding sites that making suet’s with regular store bought peanut butter can have to much salt in it for birds and cause them to be dehydrated I have also read that using pure lard in place of store bought peanut butter is better who knows lol as long as the birdies are happy I say .

    • Crafty Gardener

      I agree it is a nuisance to keep making the suet. I guess I just look for a balance of what is in the items I use as compared to what is in the store bought ones. Sometimes the store bought ones have fillers in them. But it is more convenient to use the store bought kind. I make it in big batches and freeze it so there is always some on hand. I’ve tried hanging homemade suet along side store bought suet and the birds prefer the homemade first. It certainly smells better to me! But like you say as long as the birds are happy and keep giving me lots of pleasure watching them I’ll keep feeding them.

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