Is It Finally Here?

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Gardening season is finally here.  The wether is improving and the gardens are beckoning.   I’ll be spending more time outside, not just in the gardens, but getting out and about, and less time publishing posts.

BBQ season is also here and we’ve been enjoying lots of different meals cooked outside.  The veggies get cooked in foil packets and everything has a different taste when cooked outside.

foil packets on the bbq at

The garlic I planted last Fall started out really well, but now I don’t see anything poking through the ground at all.   I’ve been reading up a bit and see that some recommend it be mulched with straw over the winter.  I didn’t do that.  I wonder if the very changeable winter weather had anything to do with it.  So garlic is the first thing to go into my trowel & error section of the garden journal.  I’ll keep watch on it and see if anything does grow.

I’ve also been reading some gardening books over the past few weeks.  I picked up a copy of All New Square Foot Gardening and All New Square Foot Gardening Cookbook, both by Mel Bartholomew, from the local library.  There was good info about growing in a small space which is really what my plant tables are all about.  I also love to look through recipe books and find new recipes for vegetables.

Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew

A book I really enjoyed is Food to Grow by Frankie Flowers.  Lots of really practical ideas for your garden whether you are new or experienced.

Food to Grow by Frankie Flowers

It included information on seeds, spacing, various veggies and lots of good gardening tips.

Have you read a good gardening book lately?

spring pansies at

The metal deck railing planters were lined with burlap and landscaping fabric, fresh soil was added and some cheerful pansies were planted.  Pansies are hardy little plants that can withstand the colder temperatures overnight.  It is still getting close to 0 Celsius some nights but during the day the temperatures are between 15 and 20 Celsius.  There are some chilly days ahead for next week, and how dare the weather channel mention snow flurries!

We’ve been busy in the garden setting up the gazebo, moving a bird feeding pole, removing old leaves etc from around the emerging perennials, and getting things ready for veggie planting season.  That won’t happen till towards the end of May but doing all the prep work now means less work later on.

setting up the garden at

The feeder pole had blown down a couple of times in the winter so it got moved to a location closer to the trees. It took the birds about a day to get used to it in the new location and now they are seen flitting between the trees and the feeders and other feeders in the garden.  The tipsy buckets that were there will be moving to a new home by the bridge garden.  Sometimes we get a fair bit of wind in the afternoons so I added some clamps to the corners of the gazebo top to keep it in place.  It was fun to set up the driftwood spinners that I had made last year.  The driftwood was all collected the the grandkids when we visited British Columbia.  We can’t wait to go back again this year.

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