Five Completions

It sure feels good completing projects.  I always have a few on the go at once and sometimes it seems they all finish at the same time too.

For Five on Friday this week here are five projects that are all finished.   I’ve just started a latch hook project, an embroidery project, and I’ve gone back to knitting some dishcloths.

First is the blue bag that I started awhile ago, well actually it got started twice as I wasn’t happy with the first way it started.  The crochet has all been finished, the strap added and the bag has been lined.  I always line the strap as well as that stops it from stretching.  I just love having a new ‘purse’onality.

crochet blue bag at

The next project that was finished was the knitted black mittens.  These have been on the go for a few weeks and I always seemed to put them to one side to work on another project.  Perhaps that was because this hasn’t been the coldest winter we have had.  We had it really cold for a couple of days and then it would get milder and all I wore were the fingerless gloves I’ve previously made.   The cycle kept repeating itself but finally last weekend I was determined to get them finished.  Don’t you just love blaming the weather for something?

knitting black mittens at

The third was a quick little project that got started and finished within an hour or so.  I have a set of alphabet stamps that I use for plant markers, card making and fun things with the grandkids.  The original plastic container that they came in split and the hunt was on for another container to keep them in.  I tried several little boxes I had but none of them were small enough.  I hunted through craft stores and dollar stores but couldn’t find one that was the right size.  Then my husband said why don’t I just make one with some plastic canvas.  That was a Lin-duh moment.  Why hadn’t I thought of that?  Plain and simple.  Measure the size of the broken container, cut some plastic canvas and do some simple stitching to join the pieces into the perfect container.

making a little box at

The fourth finished project is two duck wash cloths to send to the grandkids out west for Easter.  Just before Christmas I started mailing them something each month.  Our daughter tells us that every time to go to the mail box they ask if they will get their own mail from Granny.  I’ve sent books, DVD’s, stickers, and activity books.  So it was time to come up with something different that was flat enough and didn’t weigh much to fit in an envelope.  These little duck wash cloths were perfect.  I made the two of them with one small ball of Bernat cotton yarn and have a bit left over for my stash bag.   One thing I learned was that now Bernat does scented yarn.  I didn’t realize it till I took it out of the bag when I got home and could immediately smell it.  I’m allergic to all sorts of scents so knew right away these had to go back to Michaels.   But on a trip to Walmart I found some regular cotton yarn and purchased that.   I added a row of purple stitching to one duck and a row of red stitching to the other so the kids can tell their wash cloths apart.

crochet duck wash cloths at

This was originally a duck toy with both pieces joined together and a bit of stuffing added.   If you want to make some the pattern is here.  As I wanted them flat for mailing I opted to edge each one and make them as wash cloths.

The fifth project is one I started a week or so ago.  These are little crochet teacups for a garden whimsy project that I am inspired to do.   I fiddled with the pattern and adjusted it a few times to get it to come out right.   Once I get it written up I’ll share it with you in case you want to make some little teacups too.

little crochet teacups at

Each little cup measures about 4 cm high by 6 cm across.   The giant teacup planter that was recently purchased and the little teacups will go together.   Can you figure out what piece of garden whimsy I’m going to make?


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