Five on Friday

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April has come and gone with rain and wind and snow.  Let’s hope those April showers will be bringing lots of May flowers.  Five on Friday is a good time to share five things that made you smile and brought some happiness into each day.

At the beginning of the week we were in Niagara Falls and had a lovely break away from routine.  I am always in awe when seeing the falls and hearing the thunder of the water as it drops over the falls.  There were still some big chunks of snow/ice at the base of the American Falls.  So the first of my five things was Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls in April 2015

The second thing that make me happy was not putting on extra weight!  I figured I would of put on weight after all the delicious buffet breakfasts, dinners and tasty treats but I guess all the walking we did helped combat the fat and I actually weighed a bit less when we got home.  But boy I was sure tired after all that fresh air and walking.   For those that tell me I don’t ever post photos of myself, except with my face covered by the camera, here is one of me taken in front of the Canadian falls early on Monday morning.

Niagara Falls in April 2015

The third thing that made me happy on our trip was going to the casino.  Can you believe we’ve never been in a casino before, let alone tried our luck at those slot machines.  We actually came out $30 ahead of when we went in.  Now was that beginners luck?  It was a real plus for us as the tour package we were on gave us $20 each to gamble away, so we really did come out ahead.  Now I know it wasn’t a huge win but it sure felt good to pocket some money after a couple of hours in the casino.

Niagara Falls in April 2015

The fourth thing that has made me happy this week is the weather has been improving and I’ve been able to get outside and enjoy the garden.  The week previous was just atrocious with wind, rain, snow and cold.  I’ve been working on the edging around the trellis garden.  I wanted to add in the old metal tubs and containers I turned into planters last year and got it finished off this week.  I’ll share more in my next garden update.

the trellis garden at

And my fifth happy thing this week is learning to use some new power tools.  Mr Fixit recently got a whole bunch of new tools and I decided it was time for me to use them and then maybe I can create some of my own projects.  I’ve known how to use the odd tools … like hammers and screwdrivers (do they even count as a tool)  and hand saws etc but now I can use a reciprocating saw, a circular saw, a brad nailer, an angle grinder and a hammer drill.  Hmm, what will be my first project without calling on Mr Fixit?

working with power tools at

What made you happy this past week? Have a look at Five on Friday and see the things that others are talking about this week.

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