Five Things for Friday

My goodness another week has sped by.  The grandkids have gone back to school and are really enjoying themselves.  Finally as of Thursday the awful humidity has lifted and it was wonderful to open the windows in the morning.

It’s time again to share five things from this week.  As usual I always have lots of things going on so picking just five is the challenge.

I got a new gadget for the kitchen this week.  It’s a Veggetti and it turns veggies into long spirals.  It’s a fun and different way to add veggies to the salad.  I got mine at Bed, Bath and Beyond with one of their coupons.

making veggie spirals at

The gate tree has been placed in a new location.  There is a wasted bit of space between one set of stairs from the deck and the wall.  I’ve tried a trellis in there with vines climbing up them but the bottom rarely sees the sun so it wasn’t the best of locations.

the gate tree at

My husband put together a base for it so that it could be raised off the ground.  It needs finishing off with a bit of lattice work.  Now the gate tree is visible from the deck and fills a bit of wall space.  At least it isn’t leaning against the side of the garage any more, and we’ll see if this will be the permanent home for it.  I did have a couple of other locations in mind but with the ground so hard it would of taken a lot of work to get the support posts set in.

the front garden at

Even though we don’t want to admit it, summer is coming to an end and the Fall season will soon be here.  The lovely clumps of sedum in the front garden are putting on their fall colours.  That makes 3 thing so far for this week.

plimes on the miscanthus at

The miscanthus has its plumes, which is another sign that Fall is coming.  This clump has had a hard time establishing itself but finally this year I can say it is doing well.   It’s not a huge clump yet but has several plumes on it.  I think there were only 2 last year.

And no week is complete without a walk down by the bay.  We went early in the morning last Monday to avoid the heat and perhaps get a bit of breeze off the water.

walking down by the Bay of Quinte

There were a couple of caspian terns still there along with lots of cormorants.   The swan family is always around and willing to pose for photos.

So there you have my Five on Friday for this week.

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