A for Alliums

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The drumstick alliums, which are ornamental onions, are in bloom right now.  These herbaceous perennials have pretty, almost round, purple blooms which appear in early to midsummer.  

Alliums are in the onion genus and includes onions, chives, garlic, scallions and leek.

The flowers first appear green and seem to take forever to open.  They grow best in full sun in well drained soil.  A bonus to growing drumstick allium is that deer and rabbits don’t nibble on them.

allium buds from craftygardener.ca

In the spring a grassy like clump will grow.  The stems are round and grow quite tall.  The round buds form at the end of the stem.

drumstick alliums from craftygardener.ca

Drumstick alliums grow from little onion bulbs.  These can be purchased and planted in the fall for blooms the following summer.  Plant them about 4 to 5 cm deep in the ground.  These little onions form readily once the bloom has finished and drop to the ground to self sow.  One year I collected a lot of them and potted them up.  Over the winter I sank the pots into the ground to simulate actually being in the ground.

allium bulbs from craftygardener.ca  allium bulbs from craftygardener.ca

The following spring I lifted the pots out of the ground and they started to grow right in the pots.

drumstick allium blooms from craftygardener.ca

The blooms look lovely interspersed with other blooms of different colour.


In the front diamond garden there is a colourful showing of drumstick allium, coreopsis,  shasta daisy, rudbekia and  rose campion.

drumstickallium1a This is a clump in the windmill garden this year and it got very floppy once the blooms opened so I gave it a little support with an old tomato cage.  You can see the leaves starting to die off as the plant blooms and the colour will fade as the days go on.  This is a natural occurrence and nothing to worry about.  Next year it will start to grow all over again.

ABC Wednesday letter of the week is A.  A for alliums.

ABC Wednesday is in its 8th year and this is the 15th round.  Be sure to stop by and see what others are sharing for A.

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