French Breakfast Radish

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This was my first year growing radishes for a very long time.  I was prompted to grow them because our grandson loves to munch on them.  I tried a variety called French Breakfast, listed as ideal for container growing.

growing French Breakfast radish at craftygardenerca

Sow the seeds directly into the container after the chance of last frost has passed. They like cool soil so this is one of the first crops to plant.   These are perfect for sowing between other plants as they harvest in 20 to 25 days.   Planting seeds every couple of weeks will give you a continual supply of delicious radishes.

growing French Breakfast radish at craftygardenerca

The seedlings pop through the ground quickly and before you know it the radishes are popping their tops through the ground.

growing French Breakfast radish at craftygardenerca

The radishes had s sweet, mild flavour and were oblong in shape.  Each was about 5 to 8 cm. long perfect for bite sized eating or slicing into a salad.

growing French Breakfast radish at craftygardenerca

I loved making quickie little side salads to eat through the summer.  Home grown goodness.

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I can’t wait for next year to start planting these delicious little radishes once again.

I’m sharing with ABC Wednesday. The letter of the week is R.  R for radishes.

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