The Garden as May Ends

May has slipped away.  It is always a busy time in the garden.  The weather was so changeable … wind, rain, thunder, cool temperatures with the odd warm day tossed in.

The poppies have lots of buds and some are opening up, in fact a few more have opened since taking this photo yesterday.  The iris buds are showing little tips of colour.


The snow in summer is starting to bloom.  I like this plant at this time of the year but once the blooms finish it gets very floppy and starts spreading.  That is when I start pulling it out, which never seems to harm the plant as it always grows back the next year.  In the bottom right you can see the Lady’s Mantle that I love to photograph after the rain.


The peony buds continue to get bigger and it looks like there might be 3 blooms this year.


The robin has her babies that she is busy feeding.

The wanna be grass grows and grows and grows and in between rain storms gets cut and cut and cut.

The hosta in the front shade garden are showing all their wonderful shades of green and delightful patterns.


The cuttings from all these hostas that were transplanted to big pots for the shady front path are doing really well.  Why didn’t I do this in other years?


Have you visited Cottage Garden Party and Fertilizer Friday?  You’ll see lots of great things happening in gardens from around the world.

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