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Last week was a wet, dreary, cold, windy, rainy, snowy, chilly, cloudy sort of week.  It certainly wasn’t a week for working out in the garden.   Yet despite the weather the grass is getting greener, the plants are shooting up and there was growth in the garden.

We are just back from a few days away visiting Niagara Falls and Niagara on the Lake.  Luckily the time we were away the weather did co-operate except early, early Monday morning when it rained.  It was awesome to see the falls lit up at night.

Niagara Falls 2015

There isn’t much blooming in my garden yet but the odd violet poking through the green stuff we tend to call grass.  It was wonderful to see lots of daffodils, some tulips, scillia, hyacinths and pansies blooming in gardens and flower boxes and planters while we were away.

Niagara Falls 2015

Most of my spring bulbs are in north facing gardens so are always a bit later than those in sun trapped gardens.

These are some birds and critters we saw while away.  Those cormorants were out on a rock in the middle of the Niagara River.

Niagara Falls 2015

Today we did some grocery shopping after being away a few days, filled the bird feeders and I moved a few things around in the garden.  The weather seems to be back to nice spring days.

 While walking around the garden today I was pleased to see that despite the cold and wet weather of last week the plants continued to grow and get greener.  The rhubarb has lots of leaves, the clematis is starting to shoot, the leaves are opening on the honeysuckle vine and shrub, and the daffodils and tulips are much taller now and I can see some buds forming.

spring garden growth at

The bottom middle image shows me being resourceful and using hubby’s clamps to hold the roof of the gazebo on during the strong winds last week.  In fact they worked so well I went out and bought enough for each corner and think I’ll just leave them there permanently to stop the corners lifting off.

I think my first “trowel and error” is showing for this year. I’m going to include these in my weekly garden update at the very bottom of the post.  The bottom right image is the yucca that bloomed last year but this year it doesn’t look that healthy.  I’m not going to dig it yet but will give it some time and hopefully it will perk up.  Have you got any advice for me?

I need to tend to my inside plants that I’ve potted up.  Some are sprouting and I’ve got more to plant.  I don’t see the peas growing yet outside so I’ll plant another couple of rows tomorrow.

I’m behind on blog visiting and I’ve missed a couple of link parties that I usually participate in, but sometimes a break is needed for a few days.  I’ll try to get back to my routines and pop by to visit you soon.  Thanks for visiting me and I hope you have time to say hi in the comments.

Have you had a blogging break lately?

Poking through: sedum, drumstick alliums, ribbon grass, obedient plant, beebalm, hosta, coreopsis, purple coneflower, iris, 

Showing growth: stonecrop red carpet, stringy stonecrop, Egyptian Walking Onions, tulips, rhubarb, daffodils, clematis, feverfew, chives, peonies, hosta, bleeding heart,stella d’oro daylilies, daylilies, daffodils, daylilies, peonies

Leaves and Buds:  lilacs, honeysuckle shrub and vine, daffodils

Planting outside:  peas, beetroot

Planting inside:  canna, elephant ears, , Peruvian Daffodils,

Sprouting Inside: sage, dill, incarvila

Trowel & Error: yucca

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