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This past week in the garden has been a busy one.  The weather has been improving each day.  Some days it has been nice enough to sit in the gazebo and have lunch.

Even though it was rainy on Monday it sort of cleared out by the afternoon.  I did some weeding and just love it when I dig down and then pull out the long taproot for those prolific dandelions.  The daffodils and trillium are budding.  Lots of other perennials are breaking dormancy – purple coneflower, solomon seal, coreopsis, a couple of hostas and stella d’oro daylily.

And lo and behold the Christmas Cactus is blooming this week.  It last bloomed in November 2012.

christmas cactus may 2013a

On a rainy Tuesday morning I noticed the daffodils buds had started to open.  These ones aren’t very tall but there are lots more blooms to come.


The trillium buds are starting to show a tiny bit of colour.  It looks like both the red and white will be blooming this year.


Wednesday was gorgeous day … time for capri pants!!!  I was busy organizing pots on the plant tables.   I got some pea seeds planted and I took a chance a stuck a few nasturtium seeds into a pot that is very close to the south side of the house.  If you are looking for the last approximate frost dates for Canada you might want to check the list at Vesey’s.

There is lots of activity at the birdhouses and around the feeders.  Mr. & Mrs Cardinal have been out and about together.  The male has been feeding seeds to the female … a good sign that nesting will soon be happening.

cardinals mrmrs1a

The weather was even better on Thursday.  Lots more jobs were done outside.  Some extra perennials were dug and shared on the Freecycle group.  I got out the canna root, the 4 o’clock roots and the Peruvian daffodil bulbs that were stored in the well cupboard over the winter.   I even sorted through some seeds and pulled out a few packets for planting.

The grass … I should say green stuff … was cut on Friday for the first time.   A new garden toy was put together for me … a garden cart (looks like a wagon, so I can pretend I’m a kid again) and is very easy for me to load my piles of weeds/leaves/etc into and also very easy to dump out.

gardencart1  gardencart2

Last year I had 3 peony roots that looked quite dry and lifeless.  But being the optimist I potted them up and they did send up some shoots.  Last fall I planted them into the garden to see if they would survive.  And just look at them this year.


Dare I hope for some blooms?

I was a fantastic week in the garden.  Im sharing with Fertilizer Friday and Cottage Garden Party.

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