Garden Update Mid August

I’ve missed a couple of weeks of garden updates while our family was visiting.  But for the past couple of days the weather has been wonderful for working outside and I’ve been trimming, deadheading and planning what to move and to where.  It is still so dry to move anything yet, but when the weather and soil is right I’ll know just what I need to do.  I”ve also been taking some photos of the various parts of the garden and of some of the plants that are blooming.

The Let’s Streak hosta is just starting to bloom.  There are several flower stalks for the next little while.


The white obedient plants have been blooming for awhile and the mauve ones have the budding stalks so should be blooming soon.


The shady north facing garden is still looking good.  The sedum is just starting to blush.  I love all the greens and patterns of the leaves.


In the sunny front diamond garden the millet grass and yucca have shown lovely growth.  My yucca, which was new last year, has hairy bits on the leaves, so hopefully that will mean some blooms for next year.

The ground is so very, very dry and we really could do with a good soaking rain.  The evenings have cooled down considerable, only 10 Celsius last night.  But the days are free of humidity, just wonderful for relaxing or working in the garden.

I’m sharing  with Cottage Garden Party and Fertilizer Friday.

The plants in the gardens and containers are in varying stages of blooms.  I’ve grouped them into stages (my names) and can move them around each week as they progress.  This is a good reference for me to look back at next year for comparison. Some plants are in 2 areas … example is coreopsis because it is blooming but with continual deadheading it is also budding

leafy and growing – yucca,  peruvian daffodils, coleus,

Budding –sedum, hollyhocks, beans, coreopsis,  4 o’clocks, garlic chives

Blooming –   roses (bush), rudbekia, petunias,  fuchsia,  coreopsis, clematis,  echinacea, nasturtiums, golden goblin blanket flower, 4 o’clocks (pink, yellow, variegated), feverfew, cosmos, canna, climbing beans, miscanthus,  zinnias, daylilies

Fading blooms –  climbing roses,  pansies, hostas, shasta daisies, beebalm, liatris

Seeding – lunaria, orange cosmos,

Harvesting –Egyptian Walking onions, tomatoes, beans

Blooms finished. leaves flourishing – iris, lily of the valley,  early yellow daylilies,  bleeding heart, columbine, dianthus, evening primrose, ninebark, creeping jenny,  oxeye daisies, honeysuckle vine,  lavender, ditch lilies, Bressingham Blue hosta, astillbe, coral bells, lady’s mantle, weigela,

Vanished till next year – tulips, daffodils, poppies, yellow molly alliums, trilliums,  drumstick allium,

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