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The second week of July is coming to an end.  This has been a hot and humid week with bursts of rain and oppressive humidity.

I’ve never seen so many hosta flower stalks as this year.  Several are going to bloom at the same time. Perhaps it was the wet spring that helped them along.


The nasturtiums are starting to bloom.   I had to replant this big pot a couple of times thanks to the squirrel or the chipmunk but some orange blooms appearing.

2013 nasturtiums1

The scarlet runner beans have masses of red blooms as well.  And where the blooms are falling off tiny green beans are appearing.

2013 scarletrunnersblooms1

I’ve been picking and munching on the fresh peas.  At the rate I’m eating them there won’t be enough for a dinner.  I also love adding fresh peas to my salad.  And some of the tomatoes are starting to turn a pinkish/reddish colour.

The many colours and patterns on the leaves of the coleus are gorgeous.  These are growing in the tipsy pots in the shady north garden and in a big pot by the front door.


In the fence garden there is just a bit of the fence visible.  The heliopsis and Jerusalem artichokes have grown taller than the fence.  The day lily blooms are also taller than the fence.  There is a mallow plant (pink blooms) that has grown through the day lilies reminding me it is still there. There is beebalm towards the back of the garden that is starting to bud.  In another week or so I’ll be posting the comparison of this garden between 2012 and 2013.

fence gdn 2013july8

This is a time in the garden when some plants start to look overgrown.  The only maintenance now is deadheading the coreopsis and other plants, trimming back a few plants that have finished blooming, especially the oxeye daisies before they drop their seed everywhere.  I’m also seeing where some plants will need to be moved due to over crowding but it is too hot to do that right now.

I’m sharing  with Cottage Garden Party and Fertilizer Friday.

The plants in the gardens and containers are in varying stages of blooms.  I’ve grouped them into stages (my names) and can move them around each week as they move through the stages.  This is a good reference for me to look back at next year for comparison.

Budding – lavender, liatris, drumstick allium, sedum, echinacea, hostas, hollyhocks, hostas, beebalm

Blooming -astillbe, ditch lilies,  roses (bush), rudbekia,  coral bells, weigela,  petunias,  fuchsia, evening primrose, coreopsis, Bressingham Blue hosta, creeping jenny, clematis, feverfew, pansies, lady’s mantle, lavender,  shasta daisies

Fading –  honeysuckle vine, oxeye daisies, ninebark, climbing roses

Seeding – lunaria,  oxeye daisies

Green leaves (seed pods trimmed off or no blooms this year)  – iris, lily of the valley, yellow daylilies, yucca, bleeding heart, columbine, dianthus,

Vanished till next year – tulips, daffodils, poppies, yellow molly alliums,

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