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Here is a quick glimpse of what has been happening in the garden this past week.

Monday April 22 – was a nice day and some work was done outside … raking, removing old leaves, getting the pots outside for the veggie pot garden, and sweeping the driveway and wanna be sidewalk (it’s really a paved shoulder of the road, but as close to a sidewalk as we are going to get) for when the street sweeper comes around.

I potted up some pansies that were purchased on Sunday.  It’s lovely to look out the kitchen door and see some blooms.


Tuesday April 23 … even nicer outside … discovering lots of plants poking through (bleeding herts, hosta, trillium, daffodils, tulips, grasses, violets), trimmed a few unruly branches,  emptied the wall planters and big pot of the winter greenery so they are ready for planting in a few weeks, filled bird feeders, put out the hummingbird feeder, and best of all – sat in the sun and soaked up some warmth.

springgrowth1 springgrowth2

springgrowth4 springgrowth3

Hydro One came around and cut branches that were or might interfere with the lines so I was able to grab some silver birch branches from someone else’s yard to put away for my winter greenery pots next year.  They got cut into usable pieces and stored under the deck.

birchlogs1 birchlogs2

Listened to and watched the street sweeper clean off the grit from the sides of the road, and thinking I was so glad I swept it up yesterday.

The cardinal, chickadees and white throated sparrows were busy chirping their mating calls.

Wednesday April 24 … it rained for a good portion of the day so not much was done outside.  I did manage to do a bit of raking in the front garden before the rain so that the rain would soak into the ground instead of sitting on the old dried leaves.

Thursday April 25 – it was another nice day to work outside.   A new feeder pole was created.  Awhile ago during one of those wind storms the old tree that held several feeders crashed to the ground.


We used the wooden pole from an old garden umbrella and added some plant hangers to the top.  Then the pole was set into the old metal umbrella stand and feeders hung from the hooks.  The birds didn’t take long to find the feeders.  The ladder planter was set into place on the deck and I moved out some small perennials plants from the garage and got out some other bits and pieces.

feederpole2    ladderdisplay2013a

I also set up for the tipsy pots … no plants yet as it is still too cold.  I’m hoping for impatiens but will have to see if there are any available at the garden center after the disease they has last year.

Friday April 26 –  although there was a bit of a cool breeze it was still nice to work outside.  I set up the stands for the gazing balls and had a nice walk around the gardens to see the plants getting taller.  The clematis has a few tiny new shoots and the daffodils have buds on them so perhaps in a few days there will be some blooms.  But best of all we got the gazebo put up once again on the deck.  It just needs the netting attached and the furniture moved outside and it will be all ready for sitting and relaxing in.


Have you had a busy week in the garden?

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