The ‘Glory’ous Bottle Tree

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Have you ever visualized a garden project and then had it look just like you thought it would?   Last year I could see the bottle tree covered in morning glory vines and looking ‘glory’ous.  Right now the morning glory vines have climbed up and around the branches and bottles and it is just the way I thought it would look.

the 'glory'ious bottle tree at craftygardener.cs

The vines were a bit slow in climbing but it seemed that all of a sudden they took hold and then there was no stopping them.  They are right up to the top now and I keep twisting and twining them back around.

the 'glory'ious bottle tree at craftygardener.cs

There is a problem that is happening with the bottle tree though.  This was an old lilac bush a few years ago, and when it didn’t grow one year I trimmed it down so lots of the branches would hold the bottles.   But this year the tree has started to tip to one side as the roots are probably dying right away.

fungi growing at base of bottle tree at

There is a huge piece of fungi growing at the base of the tree … a sign of decay.

the 'glory'ious bottle tree at craftygardener.cs

You can see the temporary support (like a giant tent peg) keeping the tree upright.  We have some ideas for making the tree more stable but don’t want to do anything right now as it will spoil the morning glory vines.  So fingers crossed it holds on till the end of the season and then we can do the repairs.

It makes me smile to see the bottle tree from the kitchen door.

the 'glory'ious bottle tree at craftygardener.cs

There are still lots of blooms in the other parts of the garden, but not many new ones to report on this week, except the canna.  We’ve been enjoying the tomatoes, beans, beetroot, lettuce, radishes, and potatoes from the veggie garden.

The pink, mauve and purple blooms are so pretty early in the morning.  I’ll be collecting lots of seeds from the vines this fall.

the 'glory'ious bottle tree at craftygardener.cs

We have also been taking lots of daycations to various places around here … the wineries, the markets, the beaches, the smaller communities, the tourist attractions, the sidewalk sales and more so I haven’t been posting on my site on a regular basis, neither have I been visiting and commenting on blogs.   I’ve been taking lots of photos so will have plenty to share once the weather changes and we aren’t spending so much time outside.

Have you been pleased with the way a garden project or area has turned out this year?

I’m sharing with What’s Blooming This Week.

garden journals – 2013 – 2014 – 2015 – 2016

Showing growth: stonecrop red carpet, stringy stonecrop,  ribbon grass, sedum, Peruvian Daffodils,  yucca,  ligularia, anemone, bloody dock, mountain bluet, painter’s pallet,  zinnias, elephant ears,

Blooming:  pansies, fuchsia, oxeye daisies, feverfew, hosta,  false spirea, obedient plant, beebalm, coreopsis, purple coneflower, 4 o’clocks,  wegelia, morning glory, scarlet runner beans, purple hyacinth beans,  zucchini,  cosmos, dailies in orange, peach, red and maroon,  canna,

Blooms are finished:  daffodils, tulips, mini iris, violets,  trillium, bugle weed, lily of the valley, lilacs, solomon seal, jack in the pulpit, drumstick alliums, incarvila,  violets,  yellow iris, bleeding heart,  sand cherry, poppies,  honeysuckle shrub and vine, stella d’oro daylilies, nine bark,

Harvesting:  Egyptian Walking Onions, beetroot, radishes, rattlesnake beans, Valentine black beans, tomatoes, basil,  parsley, sage, dill #2, potatoes,

Trowel & Error:  birdcage planter, dill #1, squash

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