It Was a Glorious Week

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The weather was wonderful last week, in fact a couple of the days had summer like temperatures reaching 25 Celsius and our first humidex reading of the year close to 30 Celsius.  As much as we have been wanting the warm to hot days we are now desperately needing rain for the gardens.

Lots more blooms are appearing in the garden and there is lovely new growth on many plants.

spring blooms and plants at

The yucca got a trim over the weekend.  It bloomed last year but this year the leaves had all turned brown.

yucca May 2015 at

I was worried it might have joined the trowel and error section but I can see new growth.

tulips in bloom at

The tulips are opening in various shades and patterns.  This week we are heading to Ottawa for the tulip festival.

the red trillium at

Each year I look forward to seeing the trilliums that grow in the shady north facing garden.

clumps of red and white trillium at

My clump of red is doing well and the white clump was a transplant from a friends garden a couple of years ago.

I’m sharing with What’s Blooming This WeekTuesday Garden Party and Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

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Leaves and Buds:  lilacs, honeysuckle shrub and vine, wegelia, ninebark, sand cherry, peonies, lily of the valley

Blooming: daffodils, violets, pansies, tulips, violets, mini iris, yellow iris, trillium, bugle weed, bleeding heart,  incarvila,  fuchsia,

Planting outside:   scarlet runner beans, purple hyacinth beans, radishes, zucchini, potatoes,

Sprouting Outside: beetroot, peas 1, peas 2, morning glory seeds, 4 o’clock roots, Peruvian daffodils,

Transplanting: creeping jenny, hens & chicks, thyme, oregano, garlic chives, egyptian walking onions, feverfew, 

hardening off:  tomatoes, basil,  parsley, elephant ears,  sage, 

Trowel & Error: yucca?, birdcage planter, dill, 

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