Growing and Using Herbs

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When the 20th of the month rolls around it is time for another garden book review.  There are a lot of gardening books on my shelves and they all get lots of use.  I love browsing through gardening books and magazines in the winter months … reminds me that gardening season isn’t that far away.

The book off the shelf for review this month is Growing and Using Herbs by Andi Clevely and Katherine Richmond.  My edition was published in 1999 and the ISBN is 1-84081-173-0.  There are several sections in the book including A-Z of Herbs, Cooking with Herbs, and Herbs in the Home.


There are lots of hints, tips and suggestion in the Growing Herbs section along with lots of step by step instructions for setting up gardens and plant requirements.  I’ve tried all sorts of herbs in the gardens over the years.


Lavender is one of my favourites and I’ve made scented bags from the dried blooms and even just tied a bunch of blooms with some twine and hung it over my workbench in the garage.  It gives such a lovely aroma even when you touch it after a long time.


The A-Z section is a favourite of mine as it lists every herb you can imagine, and some you don’t think of as herbs and some you think of as weeds (which are actually herbs).  Each herb has a description, uses, cultivation, parts used, and related species along with a nice photo.

There is a large selection of recipes with fantastic illustrations that really make you hungry.  Craft projects have some step by stope illustrations as well.


My favourite section is Herbs in the Home … chock full of craft ideas, and ways to display herbs.  There are ideas for hair tonics, creams, bath bags, and even some fresh herb teas that you can make.

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Here are some more books that I’ve read and posted about.  My list of gardening books I’ve reviewed is growing.

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