Have You Seen My Bloomers?

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No, not those bloomers … The garden bloomers.

There are more and more bloomers in the garden.  So many plants are loaded with buds now and are ready to burst into bloom.

The term bloomers always reminds me of my days as a Girl Guide leader when we would sing the song “Midis, Bloomers”, and the term referred to under garments.  Perhaps if you were in Guiding you will remember that song.  But today the term bloomers refers to all the wonderful plants that are in bloom in the garden.



The honeysuckle vine is splendid.  I need to get the ladder out and twine some of the top branches back onto the lower part of the trellis.


In the windmill garden the yellow daylilies are in full bloom.  The stonecrop on the fountain planter are just opening up.


Stonecrop is one of those plants that multiplies rapidly.  I’m always digging up bits and potting it up for various spots around the garden.


The peas are in bloom and looking very a’pea’ling. This year I’ve got one pea plant that is giving rink/rose coloured blooms.  The rest of the blooms are all white.


The yellow loosestrife, oxeye daisies, coreopsis, coral bells and evening primrose are beautiful and the purple coneflower is just about ready to open up.


The clematis, Polish Spirit, has lots of buds with one or two of them just opening up.


The quirky Egyptian Walking Onions are putting on a unique show.

I hope you are sharing your bloomers!

It’s time to share with Fertilizer Friday and  Cottage Garden Party.

Leaves:  hostas,  bee balm,  ribbon grass, 4 o’clocks, canna, purple hyacinth beans, vine nasturtiums, sweet peas, peruvian daffodils, morning glory, french vanilla marigold, zinnias, cosmos, calendula, golden goblin,  clematis seeds, hollyhock, 

Budding:  daylilies, oxeye daisies,  stella d’oro daylilies, purple coneflower, coreopsis, lady’s mantle, lavender, astillbe, yucca, drumstick allium, roses, grape vine, rudbekia,

Blooming:  coral bells, phlox, potentilla,  iris, heuchera, dianthus, Lady’s mantle, coreopsis, honeysuckle vine, stonecrop sedum, clematis, oxeye daisies,  Bressingham blue hosta, 

Leaves After Blooming: lilacs, mini iris, trilliums, solomen seal,  ground cover phlox, snow in summer, peonies,  lily of the valley, yellow molly alliums, poppies, phlox,

Seeds and Berries: lunaria, poppies, bleeding hearts (pink & white), columbine, honeysuckle shrub

Vanishing till next year: poppies, tulips, daffodils, 

Veggies:  pole beans, okra,  scarlet runner beans, bush beans, Egyptian walking onions, potatoes, sweet potatoes, zucchini, kale, tomatoes, peas, Jerusalem artichokes,

Flowering Veggies: peas, tomatoes

Harvesting Veggies:  

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