Having a Blooming Good Time

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That time of year that all gardeners wait for is happening right now … lots of gorgeous blooms appearing and amazing amounts of growth.  It is hard to keep up with the garden these days as it seems every time I check something else has grown, produced buds or bloomed.

The parrot tulips and tahiti daffodils continue to bloom.  The latest to appear were the 2 deep burgundy tulips. 


The bleeding heart is putting on a gorgeous show … in pink …



 … and white.  I also have a few little volunteer plants that will be moved after blooming.



I have finally removed my make shift greenhouses around the tomato plants.  This is a view looking down from the deck onto the plant tables where I can see lots of promising growth.


I’ve been rescuing a few small bits of plants and potting them up on the garden workbench.  The little insert photo is some salmon sunset 4 o’clock seeds that I received a seed trade.  This is a colour that I don’t have so I’m really looking forward to seeing how they develop.


Two garden areas that I’ve been working on a lot are the honeysuckle garden and the windmill garden.

may22bb  may22ee

Some bloomers are coral bells, ajuga, lunaria, ground phlox and buds on the daylily.


But the plant that is the most fun to watch develop is the Egyptian walking onions.


The stems start to curl and twist and expand and bend.  I recently sent some of the little bulblets out to BC in a swap.  I hope they are growing in their new garden.

friday flowers1

It’s time to flaunt the Friday flowers at Fertilizer Friday and Cottage Garden Party.

Planted: canna, 4 o’clocks seeds, scarlet runner beans, purple hyacinth beans, pole beans, vine nasturtiums, sweet peas, french vanilla marigold, clematis seeds, 

Sprouting:   4 o’clocks, kale, peruvian daffodils, 4 o’clock roots, peas, potatoes, 4 o’clocks seeds, canna

Leaves:   daylilies,  stella d’oro daylilies,  some hostas,  bee balm, purple coneflower, coreopsis, lady’s mantle, lavender, astillbe,  coreopsis, purple coneflower, yucca, honeysuckle shrub, honeysuckle vine, ribbon grass, 

Budding Blooms:  peonies,  lily of the valley, iris,  Egyptian walking onions, daylilies, honeysuckle shrubs,

Blooming: daffodils, mini iris, bleeding hearts, ground cover phlox, tulips, trilliums, mini iris, coral bells, lilacs, solomen seal,

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