Heading into Fall with the Fence Garden

Here we are heading into Fall.  We have been spending time getting the gardens ready for winter by trimming, moving, adjusting and more.  It is also time to compare the fence garden from last year and this year.

We continue to work behind the scenes on the fence garden … emptying the composters.  There is a possibility that a new garden shed might go behind the fence, but then again it might go into a totally different spot.


Here is the fence garden in September 2012.  Looks like I had cut everything back already and thinned out a few things.


So far this September I’ve cut back the heliopsis, the mallow and beebalm.  The day lilies are fading away.  The Jerusalem artichoke is growing really tall and is well and truly above the fence.  There are a few buds appearing so I’m still hoping for some blooms.  By the end of the month I will probably have them cut down too.

What’s blooming? … What’s fading away? … In my section where I keep track of the plants many have now been moved to the blooms finished and fading away section.   One night at the beginning of the week we had a very light frost and some of the coleus leaves are curling a bit.  The afternoons have been gorgeous with temperature around 20 Celsius.  But as soon as that sun drops down the temperature drops with it.


The moon has been glorious this week and I captured lots of photos of it.  It is the closest full moon to the Autumn equinox and is known as the Harvest Moon.  Years ago farmers relied on the light of the full Harvest moon to assist in gathering the crops at this time of year.

The plants in the gardens and containers are in varying stages of blooms.  I’ve grouped them into stages (my names) and can move them around each week as they progress.  This is a good reference for me to look back at next year for comparison. Some plants are in 2 areas … example is coreopsis because it is blooming but with continual deadheading it is also budding

leafy and growing – yucca,  coleus,

Blooming –   fuchsia,  coreopsis,  nasturtiums,  feverfew,  miscanthus,  garlic chives, , morning glory, hosta (pale green leaves), sedum, mums

Fading blooms –   hostas, beebalm,  rudbekia, 4 o’clocks (pink, yellow, variegated),

Seeding – lunaria, orange cosmos, 4 o’clocks, golden goblin blanket flower,

Blooms finished. leaves flourishing – lily of the valley,  dianthus, ninebark, honeysuckle vine,  lavender, , coral bells, lady’s mantle, weigela, daylilies,  shasta daisies, hostas, climbing roses, roses (bush),  clematis,

leaves fading away –   lets streak hosta, liatris,  iris, early yellow daylilies, bleeding heart, columbine,  evening primrose,  creeping jenny,  oxeye daisies, ditch lilies, Bressingham Blue hosta, astillbe. pansies,  canna, echinacea, peruvian daffodils,

Vanished till next year – tulips, daffodils, poppies, yellow molly alliums, trilliums,  drumstick allium, zinnias, petunias,  cosmos,

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