Hot, Hot, Hot in July

Wow, we are really having a really hot and humid July so far. It really isn’t good for the garden as even the drought resistant plants are starting to wilt.

homegrown tomatoes at

I water the veggie containers early in the mornings to give them a good soak. Each day I’m picking some of the small tomatoes. And they are lovely and sweet and juicy. There are a few beans to pick later this week too.

the plant tables in July 2020 at
the plant tables in July 2020

The four o’clocks have started to bloom. I usually get the photos in the early evening as that is when the blooms open up.

four o'clocks in bloom July 2020 at

This year I planted the tuber roots in some big containers on my plant tables. I’m not growing as many veggies as usual, and it seems to be a good choice as the weather is so hot.

a tic tac toe game made with rocks at

A little project that was started ages ago finally got finished and set out in the back tree garden. To make the tic tac toe game you need 10 rocks about the same size and a flat rock that you can paint the grid on. Paint 5 rocks one colour and add a O to each one, and then paint another 5 rocks a different colour and add an X to each one. The grid was painted on with white, but you can choose whatever colour you wish. Spray it all with a fixative as it will be outside and then find a place to set it and your garden visitors can have a quick game of x’s and o’s while they tour your garden.

the back tree garden July 2020 at

I took some different views of the back tree garden. If you look carefully in the bottom photo you can see the x’s and o’s game.

aphids on the heliopsis in July 2020 at

Yikes – the aphids are attacking my heliopsis. I purchased some Neem oil and have been spraying them early in the morning or late in the evening in hopes I can eliminate them. If not, I’ll be digging this clump and taking it to the landfill. They don’t seem to be on any other plants that are growing nearby. What do you suggest to get rid of them?

bee balm in bloom in July 2020 at

The bee balm or monarda has been blooming and the bees are loving it.

the blooms in July 2020 at

Despite the heat other plants are blooming – yucca, daylilies, Russian sage, purple cone flower and liatris to mention a few.

How is your garden doing during this heat wave on Ontario?

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  1. Linda

    Your garden looks stunning but yes the heat must be taking it’s toil, you need a loveliness
    of ladybirds to get rid of those aphids I have some you can borrow haha, but seriously aphids are awful once they take a hold and there doesn’t seem to be a lot of natural predators around, I used to spray mine with washing up liquid and pick them off with a degree of success. I love your tic tac toe game, you know I will be pinching the idea don’t you :) Have a great week. xx

  2. Myrtle

    I am having a lot of trouble seeing the flowers. I got as far as seeing the beautiful 4 o’clocks and from there just your text. I hope this all get’s very quickly, with the heat & humidity I have a short fuse now.
    Have a good day.

  3. Myrtle

    Just to let you know, after I sent my message, I got to see all your pictures, lovely and the X & 0’s game.

    • Crafty Gardener

      Thanks Myrt, could be a loading issue at your end with the changes to providers you just made. The x’s and o’s was a fun project to make.

  4. Vondean Erickson

    Thanks for this it brought so many memories about the four o’clocks. I had planted so many and just thought they were so pretty. My little niece who was 5 years old and stayed with us sometimes always would always go out to garden and look to see if the flowers had open yet. We had told her about them and she never forgot about that. She is now 62 years old and mentioned it to me when I was talking to her the other day. She is a nurse and told me she never really got to plant much of a garden this year as has such long hours at the hospital.

  5. My Corner of the World

    It’s a shame the heat is harming your garden, but I hope it won’t last too long. Having your own veggies to eat is such a fabulous thing and your flowers are growing so well, too.
    I adore the little rock game, such a clever idea!

    Your support for ‘My Corner of the World’ is much appreciated! Thanks for your link this week.

  6. Michelle Banks

    Yes the record heat day after day is taking a toll on me and our garden. Your gardens are always so amazing..My back yard is full of geese and ducks right now..and they don’t respect the plants…

  7. Sarah

    Your garden looks beautiful despite the heat! I haven’ come across 4 o’clock plants before they are so colourful! Love your idea of hiding tic tac games in the garden! Sarah x

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