How to Fold a Mobius Scarf

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A mobius scarf is a cowl with a twist.

I’m calling my latest scarf … the majority scarf.  It was a lovely easy pattern to knit and I could watch tv and knit and even chat with my husband all at the same time.  I knitted the majority of it last Monday night while watching the election coverage when one majority government was ousted and one majority government was elected.  It was time for change Canada and it happened.

Here is the progress at the start of the evening.  The pattern starts with 110 stitches and then each row is worked in groups of 10.  The stitch markers help you know when to start the repeats of the pattern. Read this post to see how it got started and where I got the pattern from.

white mobs scarf at

The yarn was lovely and soft and very easy to knit with.  Once you are finished you have a long scarf, which then has to be folded into the mobius.

white mobius scarf at

With just a few easy steps you fold the scarf into the mobius or infinity scarf.   First lay the scarf out.   Fold one end up to the other end to form a V.  Turn each end under so they are side by side. Stitch the two ends together.

You can use a scarf of any length you already have and turn it into a mobius scarf.

white mobius scarf at

No matter how much you try you cannot get the twist our of the scarf.  Just pop it over your head and keep warm.

white mobius scarf at

My Five on Friday this week is five reasons you should be knitting or crocheting.  I started with five reasons but they just kept coming and coming.  I bet you even have some other reasons to add to the list.

It is very relaxing.

There are no age or gender restrictions, from young to old, male or female, you can knit.

You can create special items for yourself, your family and your friends.

It keeps your fingers nimble and your brain active.  It sure helps with eye-hand co-ordination.

It proves you can multi-task by watching tv, knitting and carrying on a conversation.

You can choose to have a solitary moment while counting stitches or following an intricate pattern.

It’s a portable hobby that you can take with you.  It passes the time while waiting for an appointment and it is a great conversation starter.

It brings out your creative side when choosing colours and patterns.

What’s your reason for knitting?

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