I Spy a Feeder

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The bluejays are always visiting the garden and they are so much fun to watch.  They squawk when there aren’t any peanuts and they squawk when there are peanuts.

We have flat feeders and a mailbox feeder just for them but they always want the other feeders.

 bluejays at the feeders - craftygardener.ca

Here it is checking out the surroundings, perhaps hoping that another bluejay doesn’t arrive and steal his nuts!

bluejays at the feeders - craftygardener.ca

Hm-m-m this feeder looks interesting, but will it yield what he wants?

bluejays at the feeders - craftygardener.ca

Sanning the horizon once again.

bluejays at the feeders - craftygardener.ca

I spy a feeder that I want to get at.

bluejays at the feeders - craftygardener.ca

Beginning the take off.

bluejays at the feeders - craftygardener.ca

Ah-h-h success at least  … a black oil seed from a feeder.  This feeder isn’t made for larger birds like bluejays and is usually full with goldfinches.  But this determined bluejay figured out a way to get at the seed.

I’m always taking photos of the bluejays and their antics.

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