Improving the Windmill Garden

The improvement/downsizing of the windmill garden has been one of the big projects so far this year.

After working in this garden this is how it looks right now.

the windmill garden at
the windmill garden May 2019

My aim is to make the garden as maintenance free as possible. So keeping the old fountain filled with plants and watering it constantly was one of the first things to go. The cement blocks had started to look untidy and keeping the grass out of them was a monumental task, so they had to go to. Both went to new garden owners.

the windmill garden at

The size of the garden was cut down by about half, as soon new steps will come down from the deck and with just a couple of steps you would be right into the garden.

Insta brace raised bed corners
Insta brace

For a new edging I used Insta brace, a product from Bond manufacturing I was asked to test out in my garden. This product arrived at the very end of gardening season last year and as I had just had my knee surgery I never got around the using it.

Over the winter I was thinking of all the possibilities I could do with it. It was finally decided to use it in making new edging for the newly improved windmill garden.

e windmill garden at
new edging

This was an amazing easy product to use with existing wood we had in the garden. The first challenge was to sort through the left over deck wood and find pieces that would fit. The length of the wood actually determined how bit the garden would be.

e windmill garden at

No tools were actually needed in putting this together, however a saw was use the cut a couple of pieces of wood. There were no complicated instructions to follow either, and the pictures on the box were very helpful.

The wood we had on hand wasn’t quite as tall as the corner pieces so smaller pieces were cut to fill in and show off the dragonfly design. It is tall enough for us for now but if we ever want to change the wood for taller pieces it will be an easy job.

We did this work on a couple of nice sunny, warm days which were sandwiched in between rainy days. I need to get out and weed this garden now and move some new plants into this sunny garden. Well, it will be sunny once the weather dries up!

I appreciate the opportunity to use this product in my garden and look forward to many years of good use.

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4 Responses

  1. Lorrie

    Working on a maintenance free or maintenance minimal garden is a good idea. The braces on the garden look great!

  2. Margie

    This is the first time I’ve heard of these braces–they look great! I also managed to do some weeding in between the rainy days.

  3. myrtle

    Love those corner pieces Linda. Looking forward to seeing what your downsized Windmill Garden will look like once you have transplanted some plants into the garden.

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