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Snow is pretty when it covers the trees and shrubs but it is prettier when it is inside decorating some red dogwood branches.  I’m sharing a simple pattern made with plastic canvas (clear or white) and some white yarn (plain or sparkle).

These simple snowflakes are nice to decorate the Christmas tree, hang in the window, or use as part of your winter decorations.

snowflakes made with plastic canvas and yarn at

You need 2 of the above pattern pieces.  Plastic canvas is sold by the sheet and comes in 7 count and 14 count.  These snowflakes are made from 7 count plastic canvas.  You can buy it at craft stores and some dollar stores.  One sheet of plastic canvas would make many snowflakes.

snowflakes made with plastic canvas and yarn at

Each piece is stitched according to the red lines on the pattern. I’ve used plain white yarn and also yarn that has gold or silver threads through it.  The sparkly yarn makes very nice snowflakes.  In the center you can stitch or glue a sequin star. Overcast stitch around the edges.

snowflakes made with plastic canvas and yarn at

To put the star together you need to put one piece on top of the other (as in the first image below) and begin to tuck the points under very carefully.  This gives the snowflake a 3D dimension.  I added a silver star that was in a little kit I bought at the dollar store when I was looking for star beads for the button trees.

plastic canvas snowflake pattern at

The kit had a variety of beads, stars, and sparkly bits that I can use on different crafts.

snowflakes made with plastic canvas and yarn at

I have made these with white plastic canvas and clear.  I’ve also made some leaving the edges unstitched and some with a stitched edging.

snowflakes made with plastic canvas and yarn at

I think it is nice to have a variety, then just like real snowflakes they aren’t all the same.  You can either use a tree ornament hook or a loop of thread to hang these onto your tree.

There is a print friendly version of the pattern here.

snowflakes made with plastic canvas and yarn at

I have a green vase tied with a red and green ribbon that is filled with red dogwood cuttings.  With snowflakes hanging on the branches this makes a nice winter decoration for the mantle.  I also think they would be nice fastened onto a ribbon to make a snowflake garland to hang in the window. Edit: The snowflakes are with ones made with plastic canvas or ones that are plastic purchased from the dollar store)

The winter season officially starts today, and I hope there is snow for Christmas, but if not, why not make your own inside snowstorm.

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  1. Mary

    Would benefit so much if you’d include instructions for the plastic canvas needlepoint snowflake. Thank you.

    • Crafty Gardener

      There is a printable link to the pattern piece. It says to stitch following the red lines on the image. Each corner piece is stitched on the diagonal. It explains how to put the pieces together. What else were you wanting?

    • Crafty Gardener

      Just looked at the pictures again, and the last one is of a vase of plastic canvas snowflakes and clear plastic ones from a dollar store. Did you think they were needlepoint ones?

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