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It’s time to start my garden journal online.  I’ve tried many methods but like this one the best.  Usually once a week, from April to October,  I do a post about what has been happening in the garden.

At the end of that post I keep track of the various things which is more for me than for you the reader.  This way I can look back and see what happened on a particular date and compare the progress.

It is always exciting at this time of the year to see the snow vanishing and the garden areas coming into view.  One of the most exciting is to actually see the base of the bottle tree and to find tulips and daffodils poking through the ground.

spring in the garden at

The second thing this week that made me happy is the arrival of many more garden items in the stores.  I purchased some seeds, two mini greenhouse kits and the cutest little set of gardening tools.  I’ll be planting the peas outside soon.

spring in the garden at

The third happy thing  was seeing holes in the grassy areas.  Now, not many folks would be happy to see holes but at this time of the year it tells me that the chipmunk has woke from his long winter nap and is busy scurrying and bobbing around the garden getting his fill of seeds from under the feeders.

spring in the garden at

The fourth thing that brought a smile to my face while walking around the garden was all the plants that are breaking dormancy.  The stonecrop red carpet is already a lovely shade of red.  The Egyptian walking onions are always the first to poke through and show green at this time of the year.  The stringy stonecrop also had new little growth appearing.  I even put some containers that spend the winter in the garage that are filled with this plant out by the back garage door.

spring in the garden at

Seeing the lilac buds getting fatter each day with each warm day we have is the fifth thing I’m sharing this week.

spring in the garden at

Is new growth happening in your garden as we head into April?

How do you keep your garden journal?

I’m sharing with Five on Friday and Mosaic Monday.

Sprouting: daffodils, tulips, 

Breaking Dormancy: stonecrop red carpet, stringy stonecrop,

Budding:  lilacs

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