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After the long hard winter the garden is waking up.  I didn’t think I would be doing any garden review posts yet, but all of a sudden the weather has improved and I’ve been out puttering around the garden doing bits and pieces.   We’ve been taking advantage of some nice days and working outside.  Some garden art has been put up and I’m closely inspecting the gardens for signs of growth.

Last year I started an almost weekly garden review so that I could keep track of what was growing, what was blooming as a means of tracking my gardens.  I’ll be doing the same type of posts this year.  It is fascinating to check back and compare progress and even failures in the garden.


The daffodils and tulips have been growing under all that snow and ice and now their lovely shoots are visible and promise some lovely blooms in a few weeks time.


The peonies have red shoots poking through the ground.  This spot is close to the house by a south facing wall and a couple of days ago nothing was showing but today I can begin to count the buds.  This will be the second year in this location for them.

april growth1a

The more I looked, the more I found of new growth …. daylilies (top),  iris (bottom left) and Egyptian walking onions (bottom right).

There are even some tiny buds on the honeysuckle shrub that is my tree following project for this year..


The garden whimsy is starting to come out of storage in the garage and be added to trees, posts and paths.  I took apart the winter greenery pots and they look a little bare right now but soon it will be time to plant in them.  The frame to the gazebo is going back up as well.  We take it down over the winter for protection in the garage.  It is always exciting when it goes up in the spring.  Perhaps if this nice weather continues I’ll be having tea in the gazebo.

Is your garden waking up and showing signs of growth?

poking through:  daffodils, tulips, daylilies, iris, peonies, Egyptian walking onions, stella d’oro daylilies, honeysuckle shrub

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