It’s Canada D’eh!

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July 1 is Canada D’eh.  This year Canada celebrates its birthday its 147 birthday.

I love the play on words for day.  Do you really think Can’eh’dians say eh a lot?

July 1 is a Tuesday this year and most stores and businesses will be closed for the day.  But some have chosen to take the Monday instead so that it is a long weekend.  Perhaps some of you are taking Monday and Tuesday to have an extra long weekend.  If you are retired like we are it doesn’t really matter what day you celebrate as every weekend is a long weekend.

The Canada flag flies proudly in our garden all year round.

We are lucky as this year the new counter top for the kitchen is being installed that day, guess that company is taking Monday off.

There is some protocol for flying the Canadian flag … it should be on its own flagpole, make sure it doesn’t touch the ground, do not use as a tablecloth, do not use as window covering,  if flying another flag alongside the Canadian one should be the bigger one or they should all be the same size.

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 It’s the time to promote your country and the wonderful flag that we have.  Here is a simple craft the kids and grandkids can make out of  3 flat rocks. 

Canadian flag made of 3 flat rocks

Your flag size is only limited by the size of the stones you use.  How about using three patio stones? or a lot of little ones.

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A new addition to the fence garden is the small wooden step ladder.  I added a lovely pot of red and white petunias in an old birdcage.

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So whenever you celebrate Canada Day, spend time with family, enjoy our wonderful country!

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Wishing all my Canadian friends a happy and safe Canada Day.

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