It’s Growing

The daily walks in the garden are discovering more and more plants growing.

peonies growing at

The peonies are poking through the ground, such a delight to see and the promise of gorgeous pink/white blooms in the weeks ahead.

rhubarb growing at

Look at the rhubarb making wonderful progress. From checking the photo archives it is about a couple of weeks ahead of time. The leaves are starting to form now and soon they will be growing with those long red shoots. If you check the link above you will see the photo in that post was taken April 20.

daylilies at

The orange daylilies or ditch lilies always grow with fury, multiplying and spreading like wildfire. It seems no matter how much I dig them and give them away or move them to other areas of the garden they come back much stronger.

herbs growing at

The feverfew and sage are showing their leaves. I can’t wait to get some annual herbs as well.

crocus in the garden April 2020 at

The purple crocus are starting to bloom while some of the yellow and white ones are finishing. These grow in a shady north facing garden.

the honeysuckle vine in April at

Small bunches of leaves are appearing on the honeysuckle vine.

daffodils in April at

It is lovely to see new growth and a promise of better days to come. These daffodils in the north facing shady garden will be blooming soon.

How is your garden doing at the beginning of April?

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7 Responses

  1. Nicola Newington

    Last time I had a notification of an update in my email inbox, it was with something new called Follow-it (I think) and, whilst I clicked it, the hoops I needed to jump through put me off and I gave up.

    Today it was different, I received a very basic email with a clicky and one click got me to your post, so that was better!

    I think we are the other way – things seem to be sprouting later. The magnolia trees in my neighbourhood are blooming yet which is our first major sign of spring. We’ve had a very cool March, with a few hail and snow showers, though we did get lots of sun too.

    • Crafty Gardener

      Thanks for letting me know Nicola. I signed up with 2 different emails, one for email subscription and the other for newsletter notification. The email one comes early in the morning but the other one doesn’t come till sometime in the evening. Both had a click to take me to the post. Hoping that it isn’t too difficult for others to join. The old way has stopped sending out emails (I did that manually) but it might of sent out the confusing one at the beginning, don’t know as I didn’t get one.

      Unusual that we are behind you in the garden, but we had a more temperate winter than usual.

      Hope you and family are coping well during this pandemic. It isn’t an easy situation for anyone, but as long as we all do our part, things should be okay. I went to crochet a rainbow yesterday (related to today’s post) and found out I had run out of one colour. My stash of yarn is getting down, and I just might have to resort to online ordering, but I had paying shipping fees.

      • Nicola Newington

        Our family is fine. Two of us were laid off (temporarily) a couple of weeks ago, and two of us are still working. BC seems to be hit relatively lightly, thankfully. It is a strange time but I am determined to enjoy my fabric and yarn stash as much as possible!

        • Crafty Gardener

          One of our daughters was laid off (manages a restaurant) but then her boss rehired her back using gov’t assistance, our daughter in BC is laid off but husband is still working as he is an electrician and works for the city, oldest daughter and husband run their own business (web design & animation) and are doing okay right now but wondering how much longer till clients can’t pay. Day to day situation for everyone. We seem to be the only ones not affected as both retired and on fixed income. Enjoy your crafting.

  2. Eileen

    Hello, your plants and garden is looking great. I want to buy herb plants, I use for cooking. I have never tried Rhubarb. We are starting to see new growth. Happy gardening. Thank you so much for linking up and sharing your post. Enjoy your day! PS, thank you for the visit and comment on my blog.

  3. Diana Studer

    Those daily walks in the garden, here too, are prompting me to see – what is there, not what I expect and planned. Sorting it out bit by bit.

    Thanks for prompting me to trawl for Blotanical. There are a few bloggers I shall tag after to see if there are here? or not any more.

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