June in the Garden

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The first week of June and the garden is flourishing.  The month started our hot and humid with some rain and a bit of thunder on the first day. There was lots of rain overnight into Sunday, then we have had cooler nights (around 7 Celsius) and lovely afternoons about 18 to 20 Celsius. There is rain for Thursday and perhaps into the weekend and temperatures are around 18 Celsius.

The poppies have been popping out all over … in the front garden, on the hill and by the deck.


Lovely yellow and purple iris started to open.


The yellow iris are a friendship planting.


The delicate snow in summer blooms have popped out everywhere.  They are mixed in with the poppies and the colour combinations are lovely.


My favourite bloom this week has to be the peony.  These were dry root plantings from Veseys in 2012.  They overwintered really well and produced buds this spring.  Those buds have been getting bigger and bigger and on June 2 they opened.  If only they didn’t drop so quickly.


The yucca have been doing well after being transplanted last year from a friend’s garden.

yucca growth1

Each of the three plants shows new growth but one of them (center photo) has 4 brand new shoots coming up.  Yeah!

Other plants blooming are daisies, dianthus,columbine, yellow day lily and coral bells.  Buds are forming on the astillbe.

What’s happening in your garden at the beginning of June?

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