June in the Garden

The garden has been wonderful during June. Each garden area has grown, and some have even overgrown.

the front gardens June 27, 2020 at craftygardener.ca
the front gardens

The back tree shady garden is doing so well. This is the second growing year for this garden and it is full of ferns, hosta, and shade loving plants. Things are growing so well the Stumpy face is almost hidden.

the shady back tree garden at craftygardener.ca
back tree garden June 27, 2020

The plant tables are amazing with the growth and are a great way for this arthritic gardener to still be able to grow things.

the plant tables in June 2020 at craftygardener.ca

There is even the tasty promise of tomatoes soon.

the promise of tasty tomatoes in June at craftygardener.ca

The trellis garden has been providing some wonderful blooms. There is a really old rose that was in the garden when we moved here 34 years ago. The honeysuckle vine is just blooming with its lovely orange flowers.

the trellis garden in June 2020 at craftygardener.ca
the trellis garden

The left side of this trellis garden photo is a work in progress as last year a set of stairs came down to this area, but they were moved to the front of the deck. There are a few herbs in this area and I plan to add more. I’m working on an idea for Herb’s Place. The gate tree has a permanent home over to the right hand side of this garden.

a view of the back gardens at craftygardener.ca
a view of the windmill and other back gardens from the deck

The windmill garden, at the front of this photo, has lots in bloom and is getting quite crowded. Last year this garden had a lot of major work done on it. The windmill and the feeder pole were moved and the old cement blocks were replaced. Blooming in June are the wild oxeye daisies, coreopsis, yellow loosestrife, sage, and feverfew. The daylilies are budding and will bloom soon. The rose of sharon shrub is growing really well. I did pick some seed pods last year and planted some of the seeds but they didn’t grow. So this year I took some stem cuttings and have rooted them and I hope they do well.

the sign post garden in June at craftygardener.ca

The sign post garden is one of my favourite little gardens. And from the size of the hosta they will need dividing in the fall.

the composters at craftygardener.ca

The composters were moved to a new location. The photo insert shows them in 2013 up on the hill. That is an area we have been working on by clearing away all the grape vine. The third smaller composter was rotting away and needed removing, so the other two were re-located at the same time. I added the tool wheel onto them once they were in the new location.

Moving them gives us access to lots of good, rich compost for the gardens. Just a bit was added back to the bottom to start the composting process all over again.

the peonies in bloom at craftygardener.ca
Sarah Bernhardt peonies, June 6, 2020

The peonies and clematis have bloomed well in this sunny spot in the trellis garden.

the clematis in June at craftygardener.ca
First Lady clematis, June 13, 2020

The front gardens are a mixture of shady and sunny gardens. Close to the house are the shady ones and the triangular one in the middle of the wanna-be grass is the sunny one.

the front gardens June 27, 2020 at craftygardener.ca

The gorgeous iris bloomed along with the poppies and snow in summer. The yellow and maroon iris are special as they are from one of the last schools I worked at. Memories that re-bloom each year.

the iris in bloom at craftygardener.ca
beautiful iris June 5, 2020

As usual I’m always moving the garden art around. This time it was the rock garden that got changed. Last month I had displayed all my painted rocks in rows, but really didn’t like it, so made it a bit more natural and found some flat pieces of stone in other parts of the garden and was able to set up a few little areas to display my rock garden. I paint so many rocks to hide and I also paint one of each for my own garden too.

my painted rock gardens at craftygardener.ca

The weather was a combination of just nice days and really hot and humid days. All photos were taken on June 27, 2020 after a much needed rain storm, except the bloom photos.

garden line
Welcome to the garden at craftygardener.ca
Dangle Alley

One of the ways to get to the garden is walking down the side path or alley. I call it Dangle Alley as a play on words for Diagon Alley from Harry Potter. It is where all the danglers hang in the lilac bushes. Can you see some of of danglers hanging in the bushes? Or perhaps you can see my collection of rock houses so it is sometimes referred to it as Rockville Road.

my jug of June blooms at craftygardener.ca
a jug of June blooms (feverfew, coreopsis, solomon seal, hosta, oxeye daisies, evening primrose, lilac leaves)

I hope you enjoyed a peek Through My Garden Gate for June. I wish you could stop by in person. How did your garden grow in June?

22 Responses

    • Crafty Gardener

      Thank you Hetty. I love the gardens at this time of the year, so much blooming and growing each day. Rock painting has become a real passion for me and as well as hiding them for others to find I’m adding ones to my garden too.

      • hetty gruener

        I wanted to paint a few more Canadian flag rocks. My grandson was supposed to find some for me when he went camping on the weekend. But he was so excited to be out of the house that he forgot. Darn.

    • Crafty Gardener

      Hi Karen, thanks for stopping by. June is a lovely time in the garden. I’m really enjoying painting and adding rocks to all sorts of places in the garden.

    • Crafty Gardener

      Hi Diana, yes you can get to the garden from both sides of the house outside, and of course through the back kitchen door. I did amend the blurb, as after reading it when you pointed it out, it did sound like you can only get to the garden from that way. Thanks for stopping by to visit my garden in June.

  1. Viv

    What a lovely garden you have – I love the little displays of garden art you have around the place and especially the signpost. I will be back soon for a longer read and tour around your garden.

  2. Linda

    Your garden is absolutely beautiful I would love to see it in person too I wish it were possible, everything looks so healthy and lush, you must get so much pleasure out of it. The stones look great I’m still enjoying painting mine for little Mikey, he’s now learnt all the planets so I’m making planet stones for him haha. My little garden is doing quite well but it’s been blown to bits these past few days with the awful wind we have been having. xx

    • Crafty Gardener

      It would be lovely to sit and have tea and crochet with you in the garden Linda. I’m sure Mikey is loving all the stones you are painting for him. Hope the weather improves for you soon.

  3. Lucy Corrander

    The hostas are impressive. I’m trying to remember . . . I think either slugs or snails don’t live in North America . . . but whichever one does, does it not like to eat them up?
    The iris bed is specially pretty.

  4. Sarah

    Wow you have so many areas of your garden to explore! Your shady garden is doing so well , I have always found a shady area is the most challenging. Love your clematis and the peony your produce in pots looks very healthy you must look after them well, Thank you for joining in again this month it has been enjoyable wandering around your garden. Sarah x

    • Crafty Gardener

      Glad you stopped by Sarah, yes the garden takes lots of work, but it is all very enjoyable. I’m looking forward to some tasty veggies soon.

  5. Myrtle

    Linda, you have such lovely gardens every year, and they must take a lot of attention to keep them so beautiful. I love how you have named so many of the gardens

    Wednesday evening we went to Costco to get the bag of black sunflower seeds and Dana picked up a very few other items. I bought nothing just pushed the cart and on the way out the exit, I saw 3 little rocks had been placed on a ledge. I read them but I can’t remember what was on them just that they put a smile on my face.
    happy July 1st. Canada Day

  6. Margaret Ogden

    I love your garden, Linda with all your crafty, quirky things, its my sort of garden. I also like that you name the different areas. My borders have names but very unimaginative like ‘the bottom border’ or the side border’! I will have to think if I can come up with anything more interesting!

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