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Spring is starting to sprout in the garden.  Although the first day of April was a bit dull and cool it was lovely to get outside and walk around the garden.

There are still big patches of snow and ice but in some places the green growth is appearing.  Here is a clump of mini purple iris that survived a move last Fall to a new location.


The yucca magically appeared a few days ago and on closer examination there are lots of curly, hairy bits on it.  I’m hoping to see a flower spike this year.


The Egyptian Walking Onions have been peeking through the ground in the trellis garden close to the house.


The hardy orange ditch lilies are growing and I can see lots of new shoots a little bit away from the main clump.


The tulips and daffodils are still under snow but hopefully in a few more days they will be showing.

And best of all was the honking of the large flocks of geese.  There were several big flocks that went over this morning.  Up to now we have only seen small groups of geese.

geese flock1a

I bought a few gardening things today from the dollar store … which doesn’t sell many things for a dollar these days … some garden twine, some new hooks for the bird feeders, some landscape fabric and some chicken wire (for a project I saw at Canada Blooms).

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