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I love knitting and it is just one of the many crafts that I do.  The finished items have been for the grandkids (including mitts, hats, scarves and sweaters) , for gifts, and for myself. 

Knitting is relaxing (for me at least).  I know many of you will say you can’t knit for love or money and following a pattern gives you a headache.  I learned to knit at a very early age and have remembrances of knitting in primary school in England.  It was probably just one of those sample squares full of uneven stitches, holes that appeared from no where, rows of varying lengths and it didn’t end up looking like a square at all.

I really didn’t start to knit earnestly till I was pregnant with our first child.   Those tiny baby booties were the first item that got me hooked on knitting.  And I’ve been knitting ever since.  Most recently I just finished a gorgeous scarf out of some alpaca yarn.

waves scarf3a

The latest scarf on the go is using a variegated sock yarn.  I had actually knitted this yarn into a mini shawl about a year ago, but wasn’t totally happy with the outcome, so I unravelled it and now I’m trying a different pattern.  Have you done that sort of thing?

This pattern is Crest of the Wave that I found on Ravelry in a pdf download.  There is one row of pattern that alternates with a purl row (4 times) and then 4 knit rows.  It is easy enough to remember so that I can knit while I watch some of my favourite shows on television … either Coronation Street, Downton Abbey, Sherlock or perhaps Doc Martin.  I keep track of the row number using the row counter.

A few years ago I made my own stitch markers for Christmas gifts and of course for me.   Up until that time I had either used a safety pin or a piece of yarn tied in a loop to make my place. They are used to mark a place on your knitting row where something different is about to happen … maybe an increase, maybe a decrease, maybe the start of a different stitch.

I made my knitting needle holder using felt. The pockets that I made to accommodate the needles that I have – from thickest to thinest and from tallest to shortest.


When it isn’t in use it is rolled and tied with some thin ribbon. This is a great way to store all those needles. It will tuck into my knitting bag and I’ll always know where the right size needles are.

Another knitting accessory that I get lots of use out of is the row counter.

With the counter all you need to do is move the bead down and it automatically stays in place.   The white beads represent 1 completed row and the green beads represent 10 completed rows.  So the image above shows I’m on row 22 of the pattern.  The above photo of the scarf shows another row counter I have.  I actually have several of these so I can leave one with each project I’m working on.

Fingerless Gloves

I’ve used a favourite pattern for fingerless gloves many times.  These are great for driving, wearing under other mittens, and I’ve even been known to wear them around the house when I feel chilly.


This is a random collection of various items I’ve knitted over the years.

How about you … do you love to knit?

The letter for the week at Alphabe-Thursday is K.  I’m sharing my knitting.



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