Can’t Keep Up With June

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June is here and finally an end to the nights that dropped below 0 Celsius.  The gardens are growing, and growing and growing.  It is hard to keep up with what is in bud and what is blooming.

The gorgeous iris are putting on a magnificent show.  Last year there were as many blooms as they had been moved and were set back a bit.  But this year the colours are lovely … purple, yellows, maroons.

iris at

My first planting of dill seeds ended up in the Trowel & error section of my garden journal updates,  But the second planting is growing well.

second planting of dill seed at

The chives are flowering.  I don’t make the most of the chive plants but probably grow them more for the flower than using them in cooking.  I really must start using them more.  Do you have a favourite way to use chives?

chives in bloom at

The windmill garden is really beginning to fill in.  The early daylilies are blooming in front of the tool wheel I made last year.

windmill garden on June 6, 2015 at

Mr. Pots, one of the Stumpys is getting covered in and the plants in the old fountain are growing well.  Even the glass birdbath is getting hidden by the ditch lilies.

June gardens at

The tipsy pots are planted, the Stella D’oro daylilies are beginning to bloom and the hostas are spreading and spreading.

garden journals – 2013 – 2014 – 2015 – 2016

Showing growth: stonecrop red carpet, stringy stonecrop, rhubarb,   feverfew, hosta,  ribbon grass, false spirea, sedum, obedient plant, beebalm, hosta, coreopsis, purple coneflower, Peruvian Daffodils, 4 o’clocks, canna, wegelia, , yucca, jack in the pulpit, ligularia, anemone, bloody dock, mountain bluet, painter’s pallet

Budding: peonies, honeysuckle, iris, Egyptian Walking Onions, chives, daylilies, clematis, drumstick alliums,

Blooming:  pansies, violets,  yellow iris, bleeding heart,  incarvila,  fuchsia,  sand cherry, poppies,  honeysuckle shrub and vine, , stella d’oro daylilies, nine bark, oxeye daisies,

Blooms are finished:  daffodils, tulips, mini iris, violets,  trillium, bugle weed, lily of the valley, lilacs, solomon seal

Sprouting Outside: beetroot, peas 1, peas 2, morning glory seeds, 4 o’clock roots, Peruvian daffodils, scarlet runner beans, purple hyacinth beans, radishes, zucchini, potatoes, beetroot,  rattlesnake beans, Valentine black beans, zinnias, cosmos, tomatoes, basil,  parsley, elephant ears,  sage, dill #2,

Trowel & Error:  birdcage planter, dill #1,

the gardener side at

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