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I have quite a collection of bookmarks or bookmarkers, some have been gifts, some I’ve purchased, and some are home made.

This crochet one is one that I improvised from a rectangular granny square pattern.  You can print it right from this webpage.  Feel free to sell your finished items at crafts fairs and shows or give them away to friends.  They are the perfect gift to  tuck inside an envelope.

crochet bookmarker at

I’ve made a couple of different colours of this bookmark.  The book they are on is a thrifty find for $1.  It is a book published in 1979 by Reader’s Digest titled Complete Guide to Needlework.

crochet bookmarker at

This shows the green bookmark close up.

crochet bookmarker at

The gold one marks a place in a favourite book of mine titled Around the Corner, Crochet Borders.  It is by Edie Eckerman.  I originally borrowed this book from the library but wanted to reference to it a lot so I ended up purchasing my own copy.  If you are looking for a different crochet border to add to that special project you will most likely find it in this book.  You can choose from 150 different borders.

These little bookmarks are quick and easy to make.  They are great for adding into a greeting card, tucking inside a book that is going to be a gift, a great Secret Santa gift, or a cute little stocking stuffer.


  • embroidery thread 3+ bundles
  • 2 mm crochet hook


  • ch – chain
  • dc – double crochet (American version)
  • sp – space


  • Chain 60
  • In third ch from hook do 3 dc, skip 2 ch, 3 dc, repeat till end, should be 20 clusters of 3 dc
  • Turn, ch 3 (counts as first dc), 3 dc in sp, should be 10 clusters of 3 dc, end with 1 dc
  • Turn, ch 3 and 2 dc in first sp, 3 dc in each sp, should be 20 3 dc clusters
  • Slip stitch along edge to corner of row
  • Turn, ch 3, 3 dc in each sp, 1 dc at end, reads as 1 dc, 19 3 dc, 1 dc
  • Repeat row 3
  • Repeat row 4
  • sc around edge, at corners do 3 sc to make corner,
  • finish off when you have gone all the way around.

I’m much better at making things than writing down the pattern.  Please forgive any errors you may come across.  Those that have crocheted for a long time will be able to make simple adjustments to make it work for them.

I’d love to hear from you if you made this pattern.  Happy crochet.

There is a print friendly version of the pattern here.


More bookmark/bookmarkers to make

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