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The days seem to be flying by and the end of the month is already here.  I’m always keeping busy doing one thing or another.

This past week we bought a couple of new bird feeders.  One get damaged in those very strong winds we had at the beginning of the week.  So off to one of our favourite bird stores to find a replacement.  And the good news is that the broken feeder might get replaced by the company as they have a lifetime warranty.

goldfinches at the nyjer sock feeder at

One of the replacements was a nyjer/thistle sock.  There were 2 in the packet for $2.00, so we filled one half way and no sooner was it hanging outside than the goldfinches in their winter outfits were clinging all over it.  I’m not sure how well these socks stand up to all those little claws going in and out but we will find out.  The other was a metal silo feeder that will hold the same type of seed.

The feeder we made out of a birch log is very popular and gets emptied out quite quickly.  I don’t always make a full batch of all season suet so came up with a quick version to plug the holes in the log feeder.

quick make suet at

I used lard, crunchy peanut butter and a small handful of seed and mixed it together.  The holes on the log feeder were easily filled in with a knife.  There was a bit extra and it got spread around a pine cone and placed in the branches of the bottle tree- which is devoid of bottles at this time of year.  The junco hopped right up and started to nibble.

On an overcast and chilly morning we bundled up and walked down by the bay.

walking down by the bay

The swans didn’t mind the icy cold water at all and were feeding and preening and gliding along.  The weather has been up and down all month and we’ve had 3 seasons of weather all rolled up into a few days.  Today the temperature is rising to +9 Celsius and along with that comes some rain.

swans down by the bay on November 28, 2014

The Crafty side of me has been busy too … finishing little blankets for a doll bunk bed set, crocheting a hat, finishing my shaker friends, and creating some glitter cones with the help of little hands.  The grandkids were here on Friday and there was lots of playing and laughing and baking and crafting going on.

making glitter cones

Meet Sprinkle and Shaker.  You can get re-acquainted with Pep & Salty and see how I created them.

shaker friends from

On Saturday we went into town to see the CP holiday train as it stopped on its journey across Canada.  I’ll have lots of photos in the next post.

Canadian Pacific holiday train 2014

Then there are all the usual things to do around the house … dusting, laundry, baking, cleaning and blog hopping to all my favourite sites.

What have you been busy doing over the past week?

the gardener side at

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