Knitted Neck Warmer Pattern

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This is not my original pattern but one shared with me over 35 years ago.

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  • Cast on 26 stitches with 55 mm needles (straight or circular)
  • Row 1 – k8, p8, k1, *yf, k2tog* (4 times) yf, K1
  • Row 2 – k19, turn p8, K2 * yf, k2tog* (4 times) yf, k1
  • Row 3 k20, turn, p8, k3 *yf, k2tog* (4 times), yf, k1
  • Row 5 – k20, *yf, k2tog* (4 times), yf, k1
  • Row 6 – k12, p10, turn, k13 *yf, k2tog* (4 times), yf, k1
  • Row 7 – k13, p10, turn, k23
  • Row 8 – cast off 5 sts, k9, p8, k8

The above 8 rows form the pattern. Repeat required number to fit your neck (about 25). Cast off.

The pattern I have is different and starts with 26 and theirs starts with 38.  The pattern overall is the same but my pattern works up slightly smaller.

The original pattern was slightly different. I was able to track the pattern down to a publication by Beehive for a cosy neck warmer, pattern #332. You can search it, save and print it from the internet.

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