The Last of the Fading Blooms

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The gardens are fading away now it is October.   With the weather change last weekend the nights have been much cooler and it is getting darker so much earlier.  There have been a couple of nights when the frost has settled on the roofs and the ground.  Thankfully the afternoons have been nice to finish up the un-decorating.

The skies have been all shades of grey with the odd moment of sun peeking through.  After a brief downpour on October 7, 2014 we spied a rainbow … not over the garden but as we were going out for breakfast.

oct rainbow1

Then on October 9, 2014 we were lucky to see a double rainbow from the back deck.  It didn’t take long for the top arch of the rainbow to fade away.

rainbow oct9aa

The annual calendula are still blooming in one of the tubs left on the plant tables.  Many of the seed heads are turning to seed and I’ve been gathering them for next year.

calendula oct7a

The Jerusalem artichoke are the last plants to bloom in the garden.  They grow so tall all season long and then produce small blooms at the top of long stems.  They reached just over half way up the flag pole this year.

sunchokes oct6a

The rudbekia or gloriosa daisies still have some fading blooms.  Many have already turned to seed heads.  I leave this on the plant for the birds to nibble on over the winter.  The goldfinches really like this seed.

rudbekia oct1a

In other parts of the garden there are still some annuals in bloom.

oct blooms1a

… cosmos in the windmill garden … gazania in a big pot … bacopa in the tipsy buckets … french vanilla  and yellow marigolds in a veggie tub … morning glory at the top of the arbour …  and four o’clocks in the edging of the windmill garden ….

We are having a bit of a heat wave on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week with temperatures in the low 20’s but that won’t last long and we will be back to the chilly Autumn days.  I’m taking advantage of the lovely day and trimming off the hosta and solomon seal leaves.  I hate to do as they are in glorious shades of yellows and greens but I have a feeling these might be the last couple of lovely days to spend a fair bit of time outside.

I’m sharing with Tuesday Garden Party and Garden Bloggers Bloom Day.

Blooming: ,  potentilla,  coreopsis,  nasturtiums,  rudbekia,  morning glory, calendula,  4 o’clocks,  french vanilla marigold, miscanthus, Jerusalem artichokes,

Leaves remaining but Fading away: lilacs,  solomen seal,  ground cover phlox, snow in summer, peonies,  lily of the valley,  phlox,  iris, ninebark, yucca, coral bells, Lady’s mantle, honeysuckle vine, stonecrop sedum,  Bressingham blue hosta, daylilies, daisies,  stella d’oro daylilies, lavender, astillbe,  bee balm, heuchera,   purple coneflower,  roses, wegelia, hens & chicks,  hostas,  clematis,

Vanishing till next year: poppies, tulips, daffodils, yellow molly alliums,  tall wild phlox, drumstick allium,  cosmos,  bleeding hearts (pink & white), columbine, sunflowers, sweet peas, purple hyacinth bean, Egyptian walking onions,  mini iris, trilliums, pole beans, okra,  scarlet runner beans, bush beans, zinnias,  peruvian daffodils,

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