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Ligularia, a perennial plant, was added to the garden in May 2015. This plant has yellow daisy like flowers dark green leaves with a purple/reddish underneath.

It seems there are different varieties of ligularia. The plant came with the tag Ligularia Praewalskii on it but I don’t think that is the variety. Doing a search showed me it should probably have been Przewalskii, an easy typo.  It was purchased from a gardener that has a plant sale each year that I frequent, selling mainly shade loving plants.  The Przewalskii has tall spiky flower stems but this one had more daisy like blooms.  Some research tells me it could be Dentate or Desdemona.  I will continue to research it.  If you have any ideas I’d love to hear from you.

growing ligularia at

I’ve planted it in the front shady garden but after checking it out in various places we visited last year I have a feeling it will have to be moved so it has a bigger location to grow in.  It’s at the bottom of the photo below.  I’ll be checking it once it starts growing this year and make a decision then.  The photo was taken on August 20, 2015.

growing ligularia at

Ligularia belongs to the ragwort family.  By August a flower stem started growing and it had a big bud on it.

growing ligularia at

 As the outer leaves opened by mid to late August it revealed several flower heads.

growing ligularia at

I love the macro shot of the buds as they are opening.

growing ligularia at

The blooms fully appeared by the beginning of September.

growing ligularia at

This plant is frequently grown for the lovely foliage.  This macro shot captures some rain drops on one of the leaves.  It let me know when it needed watering as the leaves got a bit droopy.

growing ligularia at

The macro shot shows all the detail in these pretty flowers.

growing ligularia at

By mid to late September the blooms were fading and I left some on for seed heads.  I’ve collected some seed and will be attempting to grow some new plants this year.

growing ligularia at

I’m hoping this plant survived the winter and will be showing some growth in a little while.

a swallowtail butterfly on the ligularia at

This isn’t one of my best photos but it was taken quickly as the swallowtail butterfly flits in the blink of an eye.  But it did stay around the blooms for quite awhile, proving right away it has been a good addition to the garden.

Todays’ ABC Wednesday is bought to you by the letter L, L for ligularia.

Do you have this plant in your shady garden?

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