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Little Red brings a smile to our faces when he/she gets up to antics in the garden.  This week they have found their way to the bottle tree where the coconut feeders hang for the winter.

With a lot of stretching they could reach the feeder, scoop out some suet, and sit back and nibble it.

Little Red at

Hm-m-m I wonder what is in there?

Little Red at  

stretch a bit and check it out

Little Red at

nibble and enjoy

Little Red at

nibble some more

Little Red at

stretch a bit more as it was so tasty

Little Red at   

nibble some more and keep repeating the process

Little Red at

Little Red sat there for the longest time enjoying the suet while we watched from the window and took lots of photos.

I’m sharing my lens friend with Camera Critters and Saturday’s Critters.


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