Little Stash Busting Gifts

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I’m always trying to come up with little patterns to use up all the yarn stash of odd little balls of yarn left over from bigger projects.   I’m making little things but never seem to make a dent in the yarn stash.

For Christmas I made a few things – wine bottle hats, little doll blankets and a lego bag.The cork cozies were easy to create and made up quickly, in fact I made these ones up on Christmas Eve.

cork cozy from

Using red, green and white yarn and a 6 mm hook it took just 6 rounds of crochet to make these.  Chain 4 and join together, chain 3 (for 1st dc) and then add 11 dc into the ring.  The first one I did red first and the second one had green first.  Join at the end of the round and fasten off.  You can change colours as you like.  For the next round join the next colour, ch 3 and then dc in each dc in the previous round.  Join at the end and fasten off.  Repeat this 3 times more.  For the last row I first threaded some pony beard onto the yarn in a red and green pattern.  Join the last row, ch 3, slide a bead up, dc, slide a bead up.  Continue this way till you have completed the round and join together and fasten off.  I stitched a little jingle bell onto the top.  In just a few minutes you have finished the cork cozy.  You can make these in any colour you want for any time of the year.  It was a great festive way to fancy up a bottle of wine.  This is not my original pattern but one I discovered at this site,  from a crochet email that gets sent daily.  They are just little hats for your wine bottle, but could be used with any other bottle.  I think a little scarf out of some stash yarn would be cute too.

Little crochet doll blankets were fun to make.

little crochet doll bed blankets at

These blankets measure about 30 cm wide and 45 cm long.  I used a simple ripple stitch for one and a granny ripple for the other one.  Both of them used up some pink and white yarn from my stash.  I also used some flannelette and ribbon to stitch a couple more blankets.

A certain little furry girl who thinks most things are for her decided to curl up on the dolly bunk beds while we were out shopping one day.

Shadow sleeping in the doll bunk beds

Another stash busting project was making a lego bag.

lego bag at

I made 20 lego bricks in either red, green, blue, white or grey and stitched them together on 4 strips of 5 bricks.  Each strip got edged in black and then joined together with red.  Some red handles were added and also a lining of some white material.  This was to hold a gift of series 3 of Mixels.  It was a fun way to wrap up a gift.  Wrapping doesn’t have to be traditional paper and bows.

Did you come up with some stash busting projects for Christmas?

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